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September 2013



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Happy Birthentine's Day!

fragrance, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I don't care much for the enforced "I love you" commercial aspect of this holiday--one day a year to express love? I don't THINK so!--but it IS my older sister's birthday, which I've celebrated for many years instead of V-Day!

We're going out to see her next week, and she sounds excited. It's lovely, her voice sounds just like it always does, lively, vibrant...my sweet husband called her today to wish her a happy birthday, too, and she was delighted. I think she's gonna let me keep him. *G*

I have to say there's one thing I really like about Valentine's Day--all those lovely Guilt Roses in the stores! I wouldn't buy a dozen roses for myself, I don't like roses THAT much, but oh that lovely smell--when they've got one!

I buy flowers according to scent, usually--last week my "feed the soul" flowers were hyacinths--a pot of the white ones, because they smelled sweetest.

This time there were banks and banks of single roses, ready for some poor hapless schmuck who'd forgotten to plan ahead to take something home to his wife...I smelled each and every one till I found a glorious, full blown, pale pink one with a scent that wafted toward heaven in a glorious cloud.

Too bad my ink smeared in my journal sketch of it! Still being that close for the time it took to paint it let me inhale pure rose-ness.


Gotta appreciate those multipurpose days...

I feel sorry for a young neighbor of mine whose son was born on 9/11/2001. She was wanting to send out birth announcements and someone had the gall to tell her she shouldn't celebrate that day. What BETTER than to celebrate a new young life, and hope, after that tragedy?


Beautiful Rose Kate!

Thanks, Anita, it's still gorgeous today, and still smells wonderful...
there is nothing more beautiful than a single floral scent. one rose, if fragrant, can feed your whole being. or a pot of hyacinths (or paperwhites) can make a whole house alive!

the french were correct: "if a man have but two sous, with one he should buy bread, with the other, flowers. one feeds the body, the other, the soul."

there's nothing finer (in the best sense of the word) than a flower in winter.

Feed-the-Soul flowers

I love paperwhites and jonquils, haven't been able to find any of those...

White carnations also seem to have more scent, fresh and spicy...

There were more beautiful roses, and those not already so fully blown, but none that had that wonderful intense scent. And you're right...nothing finer...