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September 2013



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Winter patterns

Winter patterns, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

After this past week's craziness getting the online Watercolor Pencil Workshop up and going and dealing with all our various glitches, Friday night's Art Crawl (to which virtually no one showed up but we still had to be there!) and dinner out, and yesterday's Chocolate Tour/Sketchcrawl/Scotch tasting, I was wiped out today.

I had every intention of getting up and out and going to pick up supplies, stopping by Scandinavian Country to see how my dear friends Susan and Jytte weathered their sale, and even maybe seeing if I could find a place to go paint out of the wind (it was 20 degrees today). But...I discovered since they're doing a closeout sale, they weren't open on Sunday, and it WAS 20 degrees out.

Soooo...I've been cooking and doing laundry, taking care of classwork, making demonstrations for my students, and working in my journal. It was a lovely sunny day, cold though it may be, and the complex juxtaposition of patterns on Joseph's house demanded my attention. Tree shadows, shingles, siding, trees in the background...it was just too cozy to curl up on my down comforter and try to paint it. I am SUCH a hermit...

Funny, I paint that house again and again, in sun and snow and shadow, winter and summer, and it never gets stale for me. There is always something to notice, something to see, something to celebrate.

Life is sweet, despite the trials.


saw the perfect t-shirt for you 'n me today--it has three lovely long legged waterbirds on the front and the caption reads, "Egrets...i've had a few..."

love your view of the house next door. and i'm with you on the hiding out. the furnace has been working overtime all day, and it's the warmest it's been in here, right now--63 degrees. i'm wearing longjohns, 2 pair of socks, sweater, fleece, undershirt, biiiig fuzzy bathrobe, and a cat, and i'm still cold. i'm praying for a hot flash...

it is -20, and the windchill makes it hideous outside. i'm already hating the thought of going to work in the a.m. i'm going to wear as much as i can fit inside my coat tomorrow. and i'm still contemplating a bonfire in my clogs.

That DOES sound like the perfect T-shirt!

I'm wearing legwarmers, boiled wool clogs, my nightgown (YES, still), a fleece popover, and a polar fleece jackety thing. Lovely, yes, I know...

We don't DO fashionable in winter.

Your weather DOES sound hideous! -20. Omigod...

Hee hee, when did you change your icon?!? "Abbie-someone..."
Joseph's house is your cathedral at Rouens, your field of haystacks, your garden at Giverny! I love seeing these close-up exteriors you do--they are sheer light on paper---that is they are, miraculoulsy, light on paper, sheer light or not. Your weekend sounded very productive but balanced, with some time to take care of your surroundings, your pupils (almost said 'your patients' ;D, and yourself.
I'm such a homebody...*G*

Yes, the weekend was better! I just HAD to take some time off...for some reason (ok, for a LOT of reasons) this class has just been a nightmare, one thing after another. It's a big class, but normally we could handle that...just the 3001 glitches that have made us all crazy...
I love the rich luminosity of your watercolours. There is something of Winslow Homer in them, and you can make art out of the most humble and mundane of subjects. I hope to see plenty more!

Thank you Brian! You've certainly zeroed in on one of my favorites--I'd love to think some of my love for Homer's watercolors rubbed off on me!