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September 2013



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I have NO idea what's the matter with Cafe Press!

watercolor pencil CD--upcoming

Normally, they are SO prompt, and have GREAT customer service and tech support! Normally, it takes perhaps 5 days to get a new product up, if that. This time, with the new CD for the class that starts February 5, it has been just bizarre. Staggeringly unresponsive.

I got them the first CD master January 10. When I realized it still wasn't up, when I was in Virginia a couple of weeks ago, I wrote to ask, and they said they'd expedite it. Normal response, great, fine.

But by the time I got home, the 22nd, there was still no CD up in my CafePress store at http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson

I discovered there was a message on my home phone saying there had been something wrong with the first CD, so I sent them two more, burned with two different methods, clearly marked with the item # and sent with my contact info.  Sent the package Express Mail, again.  Waited.  Nothing. 

Wrote them Monday, included the report ticket # as requested, no response.  Checked the tracking # from the postoffice, saw they'd received the package the next day, signed for it on the 24th, at 10:47, so I wrote again Wednesday morning with that information and a request to let me know what was happening.  I mentioned again that classes started the 5th and I had students waiting for the CD.

Normally you at least get an automated response saying they've received your message and will answer within 24 hours or some such.  Nothing.

Later that day, someone wrote one of the big Yahoogroups lists, saying they'd contacted CafePress to tell them that there were people waiting for the CD.  THEY got a response...they were told that "as soon as the artist sent them the master" they'd get it up!  By that time they had had the second one in hand for 7 days.

THAT got me going!  I called to talk to a live human...they said they had no notation from the production department but would turn all the information over to a supervisor who would get back to me that day.  That was two days ago.  Nothing.

And of course meanwhile I've gotten multiple emails from students wanting to know how they can get the CD, with the lessons on it!

At this point it looks as if I'll have to make at least the first lesson available online as a PDF, because I don't think even if students could order it today (which so far they can't), they'd get it in time for the start of classes.

You know, given how wonderful CafePress has always been at solving problems and prompt attention to these things, let alone the high quality of their products and shipping, you've got to wonder what on EARTH is wrong?  Did the plant burn down?  Were they bought by someone else?  Did they fire half the work force and hire little green men from Mars who don't speak the language? 

I'm at a loss, and more than a little frustrated by their total lack of response.  This is SO not like the CafePress I've been dealing with for years...

Meanwhile, class will start on the 5th, and we'll just deal with it.



I am sure it will be all right at the end!
Sorry to hear it's bringing so much trouble - but we'll live through this!
Hopefully there will be some sort of good explanation and well-worded letter with excuses and, perhaps, with some chocolate :)

Re: :)

I'd settle for the CDs being up online! Of course chocolate wouldn't hurt...
That is so awful!!!! What in the heck is the matter with them? I know how much work you put into these classes in normal circumstances---to have to deal with Cafe Press's fecklessness is just too much. Hope you get it all sorted out very soon, Miss Kate.
Well, I can't help but think it's something serious, they've always been so good before! This is just weird...

And I hope so, too, sweetie, days are ticking by and class starts the 5th...I'll have something for the students but it means working on it all weekend, when I'd hoped to get some rest.


Sorry you have to stress out like that! I have the book - that's ok, right?
Yes, the book's fine! It's the people who don't have it that really need the CD...or some way to get the lesson, which I'm working on now.