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September 2013



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Tipu Tree, Covina, California

Well, what a shame! My husband went to read in the lovely green Covina City Park today, in California, and discovered the tree I'd drawn when we were there at Thanksgiving is GONE. Nothing but a pile of shreds...

Bless the man, he went to City Hall to find out what had happened to it, and left a message for the City Forester. He just called...the recent rains and winds had knocked a couple of the huge limbs down, and they were concerned that the tree wouldn't survive the damage. They were, of course, concerned about liability, too, so the decision was made to take it down.

The forester told him it was a flagship tree, and they'd hated to lose it.
I would have cried if I'd seen the sad remains and the huge hole it would have left in that little park! I feel as if I'd lost a friend...

The upside is that at last I know the friend's name. The forester told Joseph it was a Tipu tree or Tipuana tipu, a rosewood family member sometimes called pride of Bolivia and yellow jacaranda.

Here's more information about it: http://www.public.asu.edu/~camartin/plants/Plant%20html%20files/tipuanatipu.html or the brief Wikipedia article, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipuana_tipu though none of the websites I found have photos of anything like Covina's amazing Mother Tree.

If you click on the illustration you'll find all sorts of speculation on what it was...



What an elegant drawing spread, Miss Kate! The monochromatic-plus-white palette is just perfect for the subject. Little did you know when you were drawing it that you were also writing its elegy. I know you're grateful that you were there, just at that moment.
I am indeed, sweet thing. It was SO wonderful...very sorry it's gone. It was just magic.

We actually went back twice, so I could gather the leaves and the samara and draw them too. Not a LONG relationship, but an intimate one...

I lost all the huge oaks on my place in the country a few years ago, and it was almost like the heart went out of the place. I haven't felt the same since...



I never remember how I leave comments on the livejournal posts, so I'm trying this again. My last one got bounced back.
The drawing of the tree is great. Sad about it getting cut down though. It's nice to see how big your sketchbook is. Did you make it?
Glad you got through this time! And yes, I'm so sorry about that wonderful tree...

Yes, I did make my sketchbook, I do most of them these days...I can have the papers I want, that way.
At least the beautiful tree lives vibrantly in your sketchbook. It seems to be reaching right out of the page. Beautiful!