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September 2013



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January 29

January 29, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

We have a saying here, sometimes attributed to Mark Twain: "If you don't like the weather in Missouri, just wait five minutes; it'll change."  (Of course, he apparently said the same thing about New England, and I've heard the expression attributed to just about every state in the Union!)

In Missouri, it fits, whether that's where Twain coined the phrase or not.  This morning it was 53 degrees. By 11:00 am, it was 14 and the snow was blowing sideways! I could barely see Kevin and Sonya's house across the street, let alone Siloam Mountain a block away.

I had one last sheet of white paper in the current journal, and a driving need to try to capture that snow! We didn't get much, but you can see the direction of the wind on the south side of every clump of grass--tiny drifts everywhere.

Makes me really glad I earn my living working at home! Let's hear it for layers, fleece clothing, and hot meals...

I've been upgrading my watercolor pencils for lightfastness (though it meant giving up a couple of colors I really liked)--there are touches of the new stuff in this mixed media painting. You can click on the image for additional notes if you're into that...

Later, still coming down, I decided to try to capture the sheets of snow blowing off the roofs--first page in the NEW journal is here:

January 29, new journal

Meanwhile, my husband was on the beach in California...still visiting his folks and taking care of his mom, just out of the hospital.  I'm glad he had the chance to spend some time by the ocean!  I didn't even envy him.  Much. :-)



Kate these are beautiful...I can't help being a litle envious myself...Of both you and your Husband. Sun or snow..either would do me nicely!
LOL! Thank you! So what's it like where you are?? It's about 5 degrees this morning, a bit chilly. I've got the little heater on almost under my chair, and turned the furnace up to 63. Brrrrr!


Oh, you really, really did capture that sheet of snow thing! I love these wintry rooftop sketches, the outside seen from inside. And the trees in the second sketch are fabulous. The first time I heard that comment about the weather was when I was hitchhiking in Devon, in England, when I was 17.
Thank you, sweet Laura! I do love those snowy Victorian-house views.

And yep, I'm convinced that the reason things get to be chiche's is that they're so TRUE.


Changing weather

I went to work yesterday wearing a light jacket and shivered as I drove home that evening in the same jacket.


Re: Changing weather

That's how I ended up carrying way too much stuff to Virginia, Pablo, 'cause I'd done that before and didn't want to do it again! Wrestling with a full-length down coat was not fun on the airplane, but at least I didn't freeze getting to the satellite parking and then driving home! (So I guess that officially makes it NOT too much stuff, because I was relatively comfortable.*G*)

Edited at 2008-01-30 01:50 pm (UTC)
yum. I really like the movement in the second painting. it really looked like that yesterday, tho my view was from a 3rd floor office building. brr!
It got to be SO winter, again! I was sorry I'd wasted January Thaw indoors working, the day before!


Beautiful watercolours. I really must get here more often :)

You'll certainly be welcome, Robyn! I enjoy your blog, too!