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September 2013



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Another Long Day...

Long Day, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...my recent trip was a bit of a blur. Still is, since getting home--I'm catching up with correspondence, packaging up the rest of the book orders that came in while I was gone (and since I got back!), double-checking the class roster, making sure everyone gets onto the Flickr pool (if they want to) and that they're on my class mailing list macro. I still need to find out about the forum format to see if it will work for us...

I redid the Watercolor Pencil Workshop CD master yesterday, as noted, and added the lightfastness article to it, so it will have even MORE that wasn't in Watercolor Pencil Magic, my North Light book that's now out of print. The research was interesting, if a bit confusing, given some of the conflicting claims!  This time I burned TWO masters, with two different programs, so surely one will work! I checked both, and both looked fine on my machine...but then so did the original one I sent out the 10th...

I've got a new mouse to install and a new keyboard to replace this one--can you believe I actually wore some of the letters off?  I think I've owned it less than a year...I may spend just a bit more time at the computer than the average... ;-)

My darling husband is still in California, where he tells me his mom actually got to go home from the hospital yesterday, to everyone's surprise! Hooray...much faster than they had feared!

The drawing above is my favorite of him, from the trip...a rare moment of relaxation and peace.


Re: Joseph

Thank you, Shirley, I think it does, doesn't it!