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September 2013



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Last week...

MCI Tower, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...I braved the ice storm to drive 30 miles to the Kansas City International Airport--otherwise known as MCI for some unknown reason--and fly to Virginia. It was grim getting there--a semi and at least 5 cars off the road between home and the airport--but the flight itself was uneventful. Once there, we drove through blizzard conditions between DC and Joseph's home in the mountains, at the mouth of Skyline Drive.

It wasn't an entirely relaxed and comfortable visit, this time--much else going on, not all of it so lovely--but it IS good to be with my husband, and to meet his good friends--a delightful, very accepting and gracious bunch of people.

We got rid of a lot more stuff, in part in preparation for his move here, and had time together...as he said, we just handle things better when we're together.

Travel in winter is always problematical in this hemisphere, and more difficult to pack for. I tried to pack light, using the smaller suitcase, but it wasn't easy! I needed bulky clothes to cover all contingencies, as well as "dressing to survive, not just arrive," as he puts it. My long down coat felt wonderful in temps near zero, but it was like dealing with a huge eiderdown much of the time!  (I look like a huge blue-gray teddy bear when I'm wearing it...)

Meanwhile, while I was gone, I got lots of orders and queries about the new watercolor pencil class that starts February 5th, new members signed up and needing to be dealt gotten onto the rolls, and the master CD for the class apparently arrived at CafePress in unusable condition. I have NO idea why, since it was fine when I left here. I didn't know that till I got home yesterday afternoon and had a message on my machine.

So, today was spent doing another article for the CD on lightfastness and watercolor pencils--just as well I guess, since that issue came up--and burning two new masters using different technologies--one of them just HAS to work. Once again they're on their way to CafePress via Express Mail. With luck, they'll be available in time, and if not I'll just send the PDF of the first lesson to class members, or make it available online...

I think I've gotten all the new members on the list, and tomorrow I'll see about contacting everyone with an update, and getting them onto the new Flickr class pool, and checking out the possible new forum...

Speaking of Flickr, I started a new group called Painting Plein Air last week, too--it has 69 members from all over the world already! It's here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/plein_aire/

If you paint or draw on the spot, please feel free to join us and share your work!

This is my second drawing of the MCI air traffic control tower...I love it, it's simple and elegant. It looks suitably wintry on that toned paper, in white and blue Prismacolor pencil...


When I saw this at flickr this morning, I was stunned by the simply beauty of it and of the idea that we make art more complicated than it needs to be. This picture deeply nourished the artist in me.
Thank you! I think it's the simplicity of it that I like too--not just in my drawing but in the shape of this particular tower. Beautifully designed, elegant...
Nice white pen! I have been thinking about trying to find a good white pen...

I forgot to add - I love the sparseness and simplicity of this composition.

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Thank you, Natalie! I am glad I stopped when I did.


otherwise known as MCI for some unknown reason

It was originally going to be called Mid Continent International, according to this Wikkipedia article (I know, not the best of sources, but still interesting to read).

Glad you got to spend time with him! Sorry it wasn't all play!


I meant to say, also, this is a nice drawing of the new tower! I love the lines and geometry of it much better than the old monolith, much more elegant! I've spent some time up there, myself, lately, taking Dad to work while he works on his car. He works as a mechanic at American and was with TWA from before MCI opened. It's so strange to see AA on the Overhaul Base!


You know, I don't remember the old one!

One of my best buddies was a TWA pilot, and his wife was a flight attendant, so yes, for me too it's odd not to have it be the TWA base...


What's weird is that the road signs still say one thing and the airport code another! Good thing I know where I'm going!

And yes, sorry this one was so stressful, but at least we got one big thing DONE and finished and don't have to deal with it again. It was, as the Word of the Day seemed to be, "grim," but finito and FREE of it now. ;-)