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September 2013



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Starving Artist in the Kitchen--Egg-n-Kale Brunch

Egg-n-Kale, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Yes, it WAS a little odd, but it was really good, and very pretty!

I'd cooked kale, chopped fine, as greens the other night, with half a chopped onion...served with oil and apple cider vinegar, but hot instead of cold like a salad. Sprinkled on bit of lemon pepper...OH yes indeed...

I hated to waste the bit of greens I had left, so I heated them gently in the little skillet and dropped in an egg--naturally, a cage-free, Omega-3 enriched one--and put a glass lid on it so I could see when it was done.

In my handmade yellow-gold slipware bowl made of terra cotta clay, it was almost too pretty to eat! But...I did. Happily, I might add.

The author of the Paleo Diet and I disagree on a few things, vinegar being one of them...I figure apples know how to turn into vinegar all by themselves, hence they're appropriate to my diet! :-) I love vinegars...

Trying out the Schmincke watercolors on a tag end of Fabriano paper, and lettered below in the shadow and squiggled in a suggestion of the kale edges with the new Uni-Ball Signo pen, in white. I think I'm in love. It writes smooth, no skipping, and amazingly opaque. Niiiice...



Beautiful plate of colorful food! If you add a little dry mustard to the hot oil before drizzling on the greens, it's kind of like spinach salad. Adds a nice zing -- and mustard MUST be paleo?!
I'm sure it must be! Joseph gave me some really good hot sauce--vidalia onion in it--that's really good, if you add just a touch, too.


Wow, you're making me hungry! It looks as though you've added saffron to your painting---that deep orangey yellow that nothing else is colored like---except your painting!
Lots of fun there, Miss Kate. Hey, all your talk about white pens has me wondering about them. I've used Sharpie poster paint whites, but they are $$$ and they last about one nanosecond. May have to try the Uni-Ball one.
Hey, you leave today! Hope the weather is good. There's supposed to be some snow in Va, but not much, I don't think.
It's insanely yellow, isn't it?? It's Cadmium Yellow Med. with Cad Red Med. and just a touch of raw ochre. Aiming for that Colonial gold lead glaze color with my (pottery) glaze, and missing, but pretty anyway.

I was wondering what YOU used, last night! Yes, I'm liking these pens...they're supposed to last longer, we'll see!

And thanks, sweetie, we had some snow, here, but not much. Anxiety and the snow plows kept me up much of the night, I'm wiped! Driving shouldn't be too grim...


Oh yes!

If you were ever to have a restaurant this would make a great poster for it. It makes me hungry for eggs (but it's nearly midnight and I think I'll go make a bowl of popcorn and read a new painting book in bed instead). How are you liking the Schmincke's? I'd still like to get an autographed copy of your new book if you still have them available. Please let me know how to pay you for it.

Re: Oh yes!

Hi Jana, and thank you! Popcorn sounds sooooo good. So NOT on my diet, though...

I ordered the big set of Schminckes last month, but they haven't come yet...I'm not as enamoured of the set of 12, like Laura said--it's the big set that has lovely colors, I guess! Still, it's fun...

And yes, I do have copies available--PayPal is fine, thank you. I think you know my email address! I need to get that up on my website, but...haven't yet.

Schmincke looking gorgeous

I now have a craving for kale and egg. What a little gem of a watercolour. Your Schmincke paints are looking gorgeous, Cathy, I can't wait to see what you produce with a BIG set.

Re: Schmincke looking gorgeous

Thank you! That one was fun to do, and now I'm hungry, too!