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September 2013



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Finally finished the new Watercolor Pencil CD!

...and not a moment too soon. The classes start February 5 at http://www.cathyjohnson.info/online.html, and this has to be mastered and available in plenty of time before that.

I tweaked all 6 lessons one last time today, and a good thing.  I tried hard to be at least semi-consistent in formatting.  If I had 6 months, I'd get it done!  As it is, I had to make some decisions...and realized that I must drive copyeditors and designers crazy!  The CD is based on my out-of-print North Light book, Watercolor Pencil Magic, and I got the rights reverted to me to do the CD.  But all I had to work with was my original document, still on my computer since 2001. 

Oh, my.  I like to write "I did this step using this brush because..." and they'd changed it to read "do this using that brush."  It's not me, I like to make people think and to offer them options...I don't want to encourage them to do just what I do, but to understand WHY I did, and then go beyond, make it their own.  So...I changed about three demos to match the book before I realized I just didn't want to.  No time to go back and rewrite, though, so those three match the published version.

There were a number of other minor tweaks, so that were worth it and some that were not.  I figured if the change made the demonstrations more useful or clearer, I'd make the changes.  If not...not.  So if you get the CD and are looking for complete consistency...sorry, I'm with Emerson!

Also last night and this morning, I updated an article on how to stretch watercolor paper, finished one on testing your medium, made a mini-catalog of my CDs, did a new resource article on online art supply stores (along with a few special local stores, like my old favorite, Coldsnow's in Kansas City, where I've shopped since I was too young to drive, Wet Paint in Michigan recommended by my buddy Roz Stendahl of http://rozworks.com and the San Clemente Art Supply and Frame store which my husband discovered for me when we were in California over Thanksgiving)--and as they say, much, much more...

I had to redo the CD cover art this afternoon because I discovered when I uploaded it to CafePress that poor Shyla lost the tip of her nose to the center of the CD! Ouch...that had to hurt...

And the computer only stalled out 5 times during all this...poor thing. I have GOT to figure out why it's so overburdened.

Granted I have more graphics on it than any living human ought to have! I've spent days moving things to my external drive and the laptop my eldest godchild got for me...it's got SO much more space on it. Things have been running better, though...till this morning...

There was something I just had to do when I got home from the postoffice after mailing all this off a bit ago...but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. Maybe fix a nice stiff cup of tea!

I still need to get the discussion forum up and running, and students signed up for it, but as Miss Scarlett said, "tomorrow is another day...if I think about it today, I'll go crazy."


Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about all that you've accomplished in the past few days! Congratulations on finishing yet another sure-to-be-fabulous cd, Miss Scarlett!
And remember to take care of yourself, dear heart.
Thank you, sweet Laura...I was a bit exhausted myself...so of course I fixed dinner, drew my kale and carrots, and posted recipes. I have no idea why, but that was relaxing!