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September 2013



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Eagle Day

Eagle Day, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I'd come home from grocery shopping to find no parking close to my house, and me with 5 bags to carry...for some reason, looked up (probably in chagrin!) to find a bald eagle flying over! Did that ever lift my mood!

Normally, we can see bald eagles at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge http://www.fws.gov/midwest/SquawCreek/ near Mound City, Missouri in the winter--mostly during the peak of migration season for waterfowl. Founded in 1935, the over-7,000 acres at Squaw Creek provide a fantastic experience for those interested in birds and migration and nature in general.

There were 197 bald eagles sighted there on December 3, down to 47 on January 2--still an incredible number, all in one place. With over 450,000 geese of various kinds--by a long shot, the majority are snow geese--and just over 125,000 diving and dabbling ducks noted on the 3rd, it's not surprising to find these big raptors checking out their natural supermarket.

I've taken long scouts along the Missouri at Fort Osage National Historic Site as well, in winter--because of its proximity to habitat, I've spotted more than one majestic eagle there too. (Here's my own somewhat outdated web page dedicated to the Fort--I couldn't find the official one: http://www.epsi.net/graphic/osage.html) (Ah, wait, I checked the archives of the Fort's Yahoogroup--it's now http://www.fortosagenhs.com/.)

I'm not that surprised at seeing bald eagles in Missouri in winter, since their numbers have begun to edge upwards in the last 30 years or so and we are on one of the migration flyways--but I did NOT expect to see one over downtown Excelsior Springs, just above treetop level at my house!

I had to record it in my journal...I don't want to forget that high...


I know what you mean about the spirits being lifted upon sight of a bald eagle. They are almost magical in their power. Aren't they? Such graceful, beautiful creatures. I'm glad you had that moment at such an irritating time.
Hi sweetie, and thank you! Yes, they're just AMAZING. So huge, and so graceful...

And yes, it was a real reminder of what's important! (Not that I didn't do a fair amount of muttering at the inconsiderate boob! They'd taken up TWO parking spaces, plopped right in the middle. There would have been plenty of room...but hey, I saw an EAGLE!*G*)
Just looking again at your beautiful icon. ...
I love it too, thank you! I keep thinking I'll switch to something else, but...I don't want to!


Bald eagle

Truly a HIGH - how glorious, and how perfect that You saw it and could capture it for us!!

Re: Bald eagle

Thank you...it did feel selfish not to take time to share...


Kate, I haven't been in my lj for ages, and I've just realized, that you were added as my friend here long before I've found your pictures on flickr (my nick there is Lelia_msk)... :O
Isn't it amazing?


It is a VERY small world! HI!!


Absolutely :)
Sometimes it's even spooky :)


It IS. It's a big old world out there...


It just looks so darned wintry there! I love the landscape.
Wendy Shortland
It IS winter here, Wendy! January and February are usually our coldest, though we often have a January thaw, which we've had this past week. It spawned tornadoes, unfortunately!
Ahhh, your life, recorded in that inimitable, lovely way. Thank you so much for sharing these with us, dear heart. Good luck, too, with all that you have on your plate.
Thank you, sweet thing! I really need these bits of glory...

And I'm making good progress on dealing with my full plate, though it's almost 9 and I'm still working. TIRED...
I've never seen a bald eagle in the wild, let alone close to home. What a thrill that must have been and so beautifully journaled and remembered.
It was indeed amazing! I've seen a lot of eagles, but I had to "go to them"--sure didn't expect to see one at home. It lifted my mood and made my day...