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September 2013



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Last night's invented "German" dinner!

Sometimes leftovers are just sublime...I was a bit tired after working all day Sunday, but still wanted something good for dinner. I had bought some red cabbage, thinking of the wonderful, piquant stuff at Jytte and Torben's New Year's Eve Danish feast, and picked up some kale, too. First time I ever remember buying it, but it was so PRETTY with the ruffled edges...

I had a sausage left over, and needed to use it up, so--it all came together!

1 smoked sausage or kielbasa, sliced into rounds and sauteed
1 small onion, chopped and sauteed with the sausage

1/3 of a large head of red cabbage, sliced thin and then chopped a bit
2-3 large leaves of kale, cut into bite sized pieces
These, I tossed into the huge iron skillet with the sausage and onion and stirred till they were beginning to wilt.

Then, I added the liquid left from a jar of pickled beets--about half a jar--and sea salt and coarse ground pepper to taste. Still needed a wee kick, so I added a splash of apple cider vinegar and a wee tad of beer, then put the lid on and simmered until it was tender.

OH, GOOD. I had what was left for breakfast this morning! Weird but delicious...

And of course since I had originally intended to paint both the cabbage and the kale, I had to do this journal entry! Now maybe I'll remember to make it again...




That sounds delicious - I was just getting hungry, too. I love the way you paint - the red cabbage is incredible. Casey

Re: yum

Thank you, Casey, it tasted wonderful! And it was just too pretty not to paint!

wavy cabbage

I looked at this last night and was delighted and am still delighted! Last night I was too tired to comment---it had been a long day. So here I am, commenting. Great use of masking fluid and dramatic composition and color.

Re: wavy cabbage

Thank you, sweetie! I had fun with it...kept thinking of your lovely MasquePen entries at http://laurelines.typepad.com/ --I'm thinking you used it one this one, yes? http://laurelines.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/01/2008-is-here.html Gorgeous...

And XOX right back at you!
I absolutely love that you painted this, and it makes me wish for a coffee-table-style cookbook!
Thanks! Food CAN really be pretty, can't it? But I'm making a big pot of turkey soup right now, it's pretty garbagey looking. *G*


The sketch is terrific and the recipe is outstanding! Tried it last night to rave reviews from husband & 13-year-old son. Used red wine vinegar and a bit more kale. Also used the new "heart friendly" kielbasa. Thank YOU!
Hi Daphne, I'm glad you and your family liked it! I think I'm writing these down in the journal so I'll remember. I made a really wonderful chicken salad last summer and can't remember for the life of me what I put in it that made it so tasty!

Red wine vinegar would be wonderful, and the kielbasa would be perfect too! I often use turkey sausage when I can substitute without sacrificing flavor...