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September 2013



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January 5, Watkins Mill Lake

But on a happier note than wishing I had my beloved watercolor paper back...after weeks of snow and ice and bone-chilling cold, it was finally GORGEOUS today! Tired as I was after beginning work at 5 am, I had to get out of the house and head for the lake.

I was so tired driving out that I almost wondered if it was wise being behind the wheel, but once I got there...wow. The sky was full of the chatter of Canada geese, and great Vs of them circled and glided overhead or came in for a landing.

I drove first to the campground, expecting it to be entirely deserted, but instead it was surprisingly populated--with old Volkswagen buses, Super Beetles, and one vintage teardrop trailer! I called Joseph immediately, of course--since he built his own, I knew he'd be delighted, and he asked me to take photos.

Wouldn't you know, I hadn't taken my camera...but I decided to be bold and stopped to talk to the campers, who were gathered close around a fire, laughing and talking. What a lovely and welcoming bunch of people!

I asked who owned the teardrop, and Glen immediately spoke up.  We chatted about Joseph's handmade teardrop, and his vintage one--which he'd only owned for a week, and had towed there with an ancient VW bus that would go no faster than 50 mph, he told me.  I was so sorry I didn't have my camera...so he volunteered to take photos with his old camera!  It still took a floppy disk, and he gave me the disk to take home, "if you still have an A: drive on your computer."

I knew being a dinosaur would pay off! I certainly do, and got to upload them on my second Flickr album, along with more photos of our rehab project. It's here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/

After I left the campers, I drove on around the lake and stopped at the little gravel road that leads to the 19th C. octagonal schoolhouse and church at Watkins Mill State Historic Site. The road was closed, but I was able to park nearby and sketch the little bridge, above left...

Later, I drove to the boat launch to watch the geese...the ice had melted just there and the geese were landing, swimming, flying, chattering, honking, waddling, talking companionably amongst themselves. Two of them left the ones walking or settled on the ice and swam off together in search of solitude...

The reflections of the dark hills and inky cedar trees were richly beautiful--such subtle wintercolor! The ice was blue-white except on the fore edge, where it was punky with melt; there, it was an Arctic greenish gray. The clouds painted a paler version of the colors of hills and lake...I raced to capture them on paper as the dusk fell--I knew the rangers would soon turn us out and lock the park for the night, and I envied the campers up in the woods, gathered around their atavistic fires. I could see the warm orange glow through the far trees...



WOW Kate this is really beautiful. LOve the colors!
Thank you, Bec! I really love winter colors...



This is a beautiful journal page. Great watercolor sketches.
Laurel - http://laurelneustadter.blogspot.com/

Re: Beautiful!

Thank you, Laurel...it was a gorgeous day, and I'm glad I carved a bit of time out of it! (I like your work!)
I love this spread! The colors, the sketches overlapping, the text: somehow it all just fits perfectly.

That is frustrating about Artistico. They made a bunch of confusing changes a few years back too when they introduced "bright white" and "soft press". They should just call the new stuff something else and own up to what's being discontinued, I think.
Thank you! It was a really great day to be out painting!

And it's funny, I love the bright white hot press, haven't tried the soft press, but sure wish they hadn't messed with CP. It's misleading to call it the same...obviously, it's not.