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September 2013



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Back to work...seriously!

Joseph and Merlin, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I took Joseph to the airport at O-dark-thirty this morning, and he's already back in Virginia...and I'm back at work, hard.

It was the most wonderful Christmas season ever, for me...normally I get the blues, bad, but this year I was with my new husband AND my family and friends, with new babies and everyone relatively healthy, and it doesn't get much better than that.

We got a lot of work done on the house while Joseph was here--this one, not the one we're rehabbing, though it's coming along, too--some painting and sketching done, and some work done on the computer.

That's both work done using the computer, and work on the computer itself--trying to save room on the hard drive of my main computer, and it's slow work. I've been backing up CDs of all my artwork and Wordperfect documents, and also moving a great deal of it to my "new" secondhand but powerful laptop so I can delete it off my C: drive. I have an external hard drive, but after my first one died, nearly taking years of work with it, I'm chary of trusting to one system!

Unfortunately my DVD burner is on strike, so I was making CDs on the old CD burner instead--they hold a lot less, so I'm also using the thumb drive...nice mindless work you can do in dribs and drabs!

Today I deleted dozens of favorites from Internet Explorer, which I no longer use, and thousands of old email messages...

And so far it's made virtually no difference. I checked the properties of my C: drive just now, and still have less than 9 gigs free out of 37! What next, I wonder...

Well, for now it's back to work on the watercolor pencil CD--classes start February 5 and I have to have the CD done and available before then...I miss my husband terribly, but as he said this morning, I'll get more actual work done.

Somehow that's not a huge compensation...



I understand...

My husband just goes away for the day to the office... and after having him home all Christmas long, I miss him!
I am fairly new to your blog... I have some of your books (which I love and always recommend ;)) and when I saw that you had a blog I subscribed!
I just wanted to add that I LOVE the picture of your husband... and Congratulations on your recent marriage :)

Re: I understand...

Thank you! We're still having a long distance relationship till he can retire this summer, so an end IS in sight, but wow, it seems so long...

I'm glad you like my books! And thank you, I love to draw Joseph...I think it helps us feel close when we're so far apart.

Edited at 2008-01-03 06:29 pm (UTC)


You said you love to draw him because it makes him feel close when he's so far away---isn't that the truth?? It's what I said about your drawings when I nominated you for that prize. You draw people (especially J) and animals with such tenderness, respect and love. In this way your attachment to them has an artifact in time and space---and I know that's a comfort when time and space are working against you in other ways!
Many xoxox,
Hi sweetness! Yes, I finally found that page the other day, and shared it with Joseph--we were both touched by your words and your understanding.

XO right back!
Once you're done with your backups make sure you defragment the drive -- that might help!

And I'm glad you had a good Christmas season! I've heard from so many friends who have had the blues through the season; it's been a tough year, I think. I had a hard time getting into the season myself.
Yup, have done that, several times. There are a whole batch of files it says it CAN'T defrag, no idea why...(I'm assuming this is besides the ones they say are stationary, or permanent, or whatever it is they say!)

It was very good, thank you...we make our own traditions, and that helps I think...
"It was the most wonderful Christmas season ever, for me..."
Best Christmas ever for me. What a gift - a whole new extended family!

I don't think they quite know what to make of me... ;^)
I'm glad, sweetheart...wow...

And as far as I can tell, they all love you to death! You made a huge hit at the New Year's Eve party, and the family is delighted you're with us. (Of course we haven't discussed politics yet.*G* Thank GOD.*GGG*)

But on that front, you once said something I think is very wise (ok, more than once, but...*G*) You said that when people can put a face with a political opinion, they're much more likely to listen rather than just jump in with dissention. Or words to that effect, maybe I wasn't listening... :-PPP

You DO make a great deal of sense, when you "just keep explaining..." *dls*