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September 2013



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I got this from a dear friend who has two sons in the military...it's about gratitude, and thanks.


Joseph and I always thank the service people we see, in airports or out shopping or wherever...people with the courage to stand between us and danger.

As I've said here before, I've extended that habit to police and firemen...I've learned to really appreciate their efforts to keep us safe. 

As the short movie says, it's not about politics, it's about gratitude.  And about individuals. 

I still remember how horribly servicemen were treated, sometimes, when they returned from the Viet Nam war, and despite the fact that I was an active demonstrator for peace during that conflict, I still regret what happened to the individual men and women who did what they had to.  They were treated like criminals, like murderers, just because they wore the uniform--because they weren't asked as individuals what they'd done or seen, they were just reviled.  It was a case of politics overcoming good sense and human decency.  I never want to see that happen again--so that is my campaign, now.


*enthusiastic nod* I think that many of us learned a lot from what happened after the Viet Nam war. Like you, I was a protester, and I helped people avoid the draft when possible. Even now, I flinch a little when I see people in uniform, but I've learned not to show that because they do deserve our support, gratitude, and understanding.

It's not easy to separate the politics from those whose lives are forever changed by the politicians. But, we do owe profound gratitude to the people--especially the kids--who fulfill their commitments, even when it means putting their lives in jeopardy.
I find it really odd to think of who I was then, and how I feel now...especially about "the fuzz." Remember that? NO idea how that came to mean the police, but one of my best friends is police chief now, and I do truly appreciate all that he and the men and women here do to help protect our community. We change, eh?

I've learned the hard way--through long practice!--to focus on individuals, not politics...or politicians. Human beings, not icons or demons. It's a hard, scary world out there, and if we don't focus on love, on Light, on respect, on our fellow humans, it is going to get harder and scarier.
On behalf of my son (age 22, serving in the U.S. AirForce), and myself, thanks for posting this. It brought tears to my eyes. Against all my political beliefs he entered the service. I encouraged him, it is his life, it was his dream. My heart breaks on a daily basis, and yet I am so very proud of him and also honored with the choice he has made. Thanks again Cathy, from the bottom of my mother's heart.
Please tell him thank you from us, too. I know exactly what you mean...I hate war, but I don't believe "peace at any price" is the answer. I'm very grateful for the young people like your son.

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Well, I'm sitting here overflowing with tears after watching that movie. I will try to do this, too.
Thank you, Kate, for telling this story.
You're welcome, sweetie...I'm glad Joseph taught me to do it in the first place. The response has been quite wonderful...though we just tend to walk up and shake hands and say thank you.