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September 2013



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Warm Winter Booties

Warm Fleece Booties, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I LOVE these! When I saw in the FootSmart catalog that they were supposed to be indoor/outdoor slippers, I thought oh, riiiiight. But WOW. I've worn them in the rain and in the snow, and so far I'm warm and they're DRY.

AND cute, I might add. Love them! I'm glad I got them in both gray and navy blue...the gray ones stay lots cleaner looking, because the navy collects lint and cat hair (and Kate hair!) like fleece just does, and it SHOWS. Pretty much invisible on the gray...

And did I mention they're WARM??

Last night sketching them at bedtime was my art for the day--this morning I added the mostly wet-in-wet watercolor, using Cadmium Yellow, Quinacridone Red. and Ultramarine, and varied the mix as I painted...nice color-filled neutral! (I added Payne's Gray to the mix for the dark rubber sole, and blotted it for variation.)

The texture of the paper and the Prismacolor Dark Indigo colored pencil worked well to suggest the fleece...



Very nice illustration (send the manufacturer a link to it!) and a timely description, since I'm thinking about what I'll need in my wardrobe after we move to the frozen north!
How's the move going? Any idea when?

And thank you!
Mid-to-late April 2008 is most likely. That's when our lease concludes, here. Right now, it's all about decluttering and reducing the excess that we own, so we're more portable.

Thanks for asking!
Sounds like we're ALL in for big changes. Joseph moves here next summer, and we're in the midst, both of us, of trying to simplify. He more than me, of course, so he doesn't have to move everything in the world.*G* Decluttering is GOOD.
I think that 2008 is going to be a year of dramatic changes for many people. We're among the lucky ones who are actually planning for it!

For us, using a "pod" service is the least expensive way to move, so we're more concerned with square footage than weight. That makes moving easier... no scales involved! But, it's still a challenge to get the volume down as much as possible.

Best of luck with Joseph's move. I'm so pleased that your life is such a fairy tale! (I think "happily ever after" every time I see that icon.)
J. has used the pod thing before, sounds like it works well!

Hmmmm...dunno about a fairy tale, but I sure have found my Prince Charming...or my knight, more accurately.



Love the booties... they look so warm and soft!!!

Re: Booties

Thank you, they are! What surprises me is that they're good outdoors in the snow, too...they didn't get wet and soggy, but they still breathe, indoors. Magic!
The granulating colors REALLY caught the idea of suede texture. Gorgeous work... (Am still practicing reading your journal entries, though. :-D
Thank you! Actually they're fleece, not suede, but still the texture is there and the granulating colors really brought it out...so did the underdrawing with the Indigo colored pencil.
Oops... hope I didn't insult you with the suede/fleece confusion. I suppose if Sheep and Llamas can "manage" in the cold, their sacrificed hides should be helpful to us.
I really enjoy your work.
Oh, not at all! I wear leather--these just don't happen to be.



I just love how warm and soft these look!
Judy Bec

Re: Booties

Thank you--I wore them out into the snowstorm today and was toasty warm and dry!


I'll bet you look elfin in these! You were wearing them in your recent self-portrait, right? Your feet are SO small! Mine would be twice as long, which wouldn't look nearly as cute ;D. Your fleecy texture is perfect!
Xoax ;D
I think I was barefoot in the self portrait...but yep, I love them with that outfit! And they're not really small--size 8!!

XOXO right back atcha, sweetie...
These look fabulous! I have some from Lands Ends that are getting worn out but just have leather soles, not really indoor outdoor, though I do go out in them once in a while. Your comment about cat hair reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live show I saw the other night where a couple go to visit grandma who lives with a bunch of cats and their piles of hair everywhere, in the food, puffing out the door when they open it, piled on furniture. It was hilarious!