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September 2013



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Well, I got the CD for the Drawing and Sketching Workshop CD burned and sent off to CafePress to be mastered this afternoon, along with a book order...and I've edited and tweaked all the lessons for the Watercolor Workshop CD too, though I'll probably look them over again. I'm moving so fast I'm fuzzy in the brain!

I got my new return address labels for the business from VistaPrint--they look great! (Got them the day BEFORE they wrote to tell me they'd been shipped, how's that for service!?)

GFA Address Label

Naturally I obsessed about them, too...

I've received a couple of the Christmas presents I'd ordered, though I sure wish I'd thought to start one of them earlier...too late to get everything together for that, and wouldn't you know it's for my beloved husband.  Maybe I'll do it NEXT year!  (If I start NOW.)

Got an order for earrings today, and since most of my stuff is custom, I had to make them up...pretty!  Waiting for the epoxy to cure properly before sending them out tomorrow...

Checked on the rehab project this afternoon--Mark's been replacing the plumbing, NOT copper this time!  It's looking good...

I need to fill out and mail a permissions sheet for an article Houghton Mifflin wants to reprint--one of my old Country Living things, from years back...and after I stopped by Olde English to drop off some of my new books, I forgot to go to the City Hall to pay my taxes and water bill, siiiigh...

I did another sketch of Oliver last night, but not thrilled with it...the Neocolor white didn't really work as well as I'd hoped on the black paper.  Gouache effects are tricky!

So babble babble...SO tired already...

Joseph and I were talking earlier about how SLEEPY we're feeling, so early...I think it's because it gets dark so early.  It's just past 5:30 here and I could happily go to bed.  Just want to hibernate...