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September 2013



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Drawing & Sketching CD cover

Well, life's been hectic for about a year or so now--well, more hectic than normal, even for me--and I don't know for sure when I can plan to teach my two original online classes again. Sometime in '08, but when?!? The watercolor pencil class will be in February/March...

And since I've moved the classes to my own website now, and had my wonderful webmistress, Sonya at http://morgansites.com, design new pages for them (http://www.cathyjohnson.info/online.html), I figured I might as well make it easy for people to have the classes available. Some people had a bit of difficulty downloading from the web, so hoping this will make it much simpler...

Meanwhile those who can't take the class can still have the lessons!
These are the original lessons used in the online classes, just without the feedback and assignments or the interaction with other students that you get in the actual class situation. Great for self-starters!

So of course I spent much of yesterday and the day before designing the CD covers--obsessing about them, a bit, along the way. :-) I changed the designs 5-6 times each!

The PDF files for each lesson of the Drawing & Sketching workshop have been tweaked and edited for this use, and bonus files added to the CD, so hopefully it will be ready to send off to be mastered later today. (Still want to put together an updated list of recommended sketching and drawing books to include, though!)

Then I can start on the files for the Watercolor Workshop one...

Watercolor CD clean--and DONE.

...and then of course back to the Watercolor Pencil CD, which will take MUCH longer! Doing the PDFs from scratch, virtually, on that one...


Ooo - I might have to get myself those for xmas!

Will you be running the Drawing and Sketching as a class sometime soon? Ah - you already said - 2008. Okay.

I will also have to try to find where I can download these from your website... Nope. Can't find them...

Edited at 2007-12-13 12:38 pm (UTC)
Yep, and no idea when in 2008! Depends in part if I get the book contract...that'll take a lot of time if I do.

They won't be downloadable from the website, though, they'll be CDs you order online--either from my catalog or my CafePress store, here. http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson

Well, that's not quite right--if someone takes the actual online class, then lessons are downloadable each week--but not ready for that yet! ;-)
Ah hah! I get it now. When you said:

Some people had a bit of difficulty downloading from the web, so hoping this will make it much simpler...

...you meant some people doing the courses! ;-p

*looks for the CDs in your cafepress store*
Oh, yes, sorry! Sometimes I think I'm making perfect sense when I'm not.

What I meant was that the CDs may serve two purposes--they can be for people who don't take the class, for whatever reason, or they might make it easier for those who do, especially since we're moving onto my own website. Some people had problems with Yahoo...

The new CDs probably won't be available for a few days yet (I should have thought farther ahead!)--I just mailed off the second master CD to them today, and the other one a couple of days ago. Everything's ready on my end, they just need to get the masters and get them up OK.

I'll be sure to announce when they're up!

You can always count on me to be jump the starting gun...
Enthusiasm is GOOD. *G*