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September 2013



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"Anything Goes" Oliver, in watercolor crayon and mixed media

Well, the back of the Fabriano Artistico CP sheet with the snow day I've already posted was up next in my journal, so I decided to go wild and try something different--the Lyra Aquacolor Crayons. The black is utterly EXPLOSIVE. MY GOSH it spreads.  I used a big round WC brush, which held lots of water--that contributed to the spreading till I went to get a paper towel to blot the brush if need be!

I ended up doing quite a mixed media on this one...it was FUN, and I love the effect, frustrating paper or not. (You can see at the bottom that it buckled quite badly...)  I kept being surprised, not only by the black Lyra crayon but by how the other WC crayons and colored pencils worked together. I even used a bit of gouache in the eyes...

I used the lighter Lyra blue for shadows--the Thalo-like one was terribly emphatic the other day. But this one with the Gold Ochre Lyra I bought in open stock looks pretty green...Gold Ochre didn't quite catch Oliver's lovely champagne color, but the values worked anyway...

(It's actually not quite this green, in real life, but oh well, such are scanners.)

This one has notes, on the Flickr album...you can click on the image if you want to see more about what's what.

I really enjoyed this! It was getting late, last night, and I was in that "anything goes" kind of mood. "What the heck, why don't I try THIS?!? Now, THAT!! Wonder what THIS would do?!"

Glad I did...that's really one of the functions of my sampler journals, to explore and play...



what a cutie!

Kate -- he's such a beauty!!! You make painting cats seems effortless!!!! LOVE this one especially -- such an expression on his face!! BRAVA!

Re: what a cutie!

Thank you, girl! He DOES have a wonderful face--one of these days I'll really capture it on paper...
I LOVE THIS. I think you might have to revise your opinion of the Fabriano again if you keep getting these results. A little less control, but more... BREATHTAKING. Which of your DVD's would be host helpful for me to learn to paint MY cat (who, regrettably, is much darker and therefore has less opportunity for contrast, than yours)?
Well, at least I don't hate it as unreservedly! I still loved the wonderful texture and receptivity of the original, MUCH more, but granted I liked this.

Actually they're CDs with PDF files--I WISH I could offer DVDs, but so far CafePress doesn't make them.

The main how-to one is the Watercolor Basics, can't remember if it has cats on it or not! My Art Tips compilations do, though...I just checked the files, and it looks like they ALL have something on painting cats, sorry! (They're also on my web page...http://cathyjohnson.info )

And oh my yes, aren't dark cats a challenge!! I must have painted and drawn my black ones dozens of times, and never was quite satisfied...