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September 2013



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December Palette--replacing the one that was lost

Oh good LORD. I got my replacement folding travel palette from Daniel Smith today (I think I've bemoaned the fact that I lost mine in California a couple of weeks ago, and felt lost without it...) and now I'm faced with DECISIONS.

Of course the palette itself was wildly inexpensive, less than $3, but I had just, and I mean JUST refilled it before the trip with all those dear,
favorite high-quality watercolors, but oh well--spilt milk. I'm just hoping someone found it that will Appreciate Good Paints and do something marvelous with it. (I'm putting my name and address on this one...not that anybody probably WOULD return it, but hey...I can dream...)

So. Who but One of Us can appreciate being almost paralyzed by putting new paint in a new palette. All those changes I've been meaning to make...oy! I've said I don't need those two violets...so I'll leave those out. What about the two greens that have been on my palette for 25 years, though I almost never use them any more. Leave them out? Uhhhhhhhhh...yesss.....I guess...................

But then where do I put the things I'm keeping or adding?! One thing about using the same palette for a long time is that you KNOW where you've put what color. You can dip your brush into it virtually in your sleep--and I HAVE painted in the dark, with only a street light, when all the paints look rather dark gray. I just knew where they WERE.

So now I've rearranged the blues...omigod, angst...and left out the greens, and replaced one of their wells with indigo, which who knows if I'll continue to use...

Did I want the Quin Gold go with the yellows, or with the earth colors? How about the Quin Burnt Scarlet? Reds or earths? My head hurts.

And I'm adding two colors that haven't BEEN on my palette...restoring Naples Yellow, thanks to my dear friend Laura at http://laurelines.typepad.com/ (I found a tube that wasn't dried up!) and trying out Cobalt Turquoise--come to think of it, I think that's also thanks to Laura.

Where to PUT them?? This little palette has 20 wells. Did I want to fill them all, or save some room for experiments?! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

By the way, I'm not really asking for advice. By the time you read this and have time to answer, there will be paint in the wells. Just sharing how incredibly, um, anal we can get...

OK, I can get...

Just nuts.

This is the pre-loss configuration, by the way--pretty different!

October Palette colors

I did away with Cerulean, since it and Manganese are very similar, even in granulation. I deleted the purples and greens, since I mostly mix them.  I added Cobalt Turquoise, as an experiment.  Gave Indigo its own big well, now.  Deleted one of the reds, and added a yellow, deleted Yellow Ochre and replaced it with Raw Sienna, then added a little dab of good old Naples Yellow to play with.  That is a whole LOT of earth colors, now...so we'll see how it works!


See? Things happen for a reason! I'm sure you'll have fun with your new palette, you may even surprise yourself! One thing for sure: the work will be beautiful. :-)
I have always loved Naples yellow as well; I'm glad it's available again. The same goes for Prussian blue and Van Dyke brown. They call them "classics" now. Humph.
Thank you!

And yeah, "classics." Worse, "HERITAGE" paints! Ouch...
when i was little, and got a new "big box" of crayons, the first one i'd go for was prussian blue. when someone asks a favorite color, that's the one that springs to my mind immediately. and now, i am officially dated. heritage, indeed. vintage? the very idea! HUMPH!!
Yeah, THAT. And oh yeah, prussian blue, yum!!
it's fascinating to get a glimpse of how you choose the colors and, in doing so, the choices you have to make.
thanks for a bright treat on this snowy day.
That's always interesting about other artists, isn't it! And loving someone's work, I've tried the paints they rhapsodize about--some I end up loving, some I flirt with for a while, and some--YECK. I may not give them the time of day, and yet--other people do marvelous things with them!

Mostly, I aim for at least a warm and cool of each primary, and a few perks. I still love the earth colors...I mix some delightful grays, but browns mixed from primaries are problematical.


It is fun to fill a new palette but the decisions are agonizing indeed. Recently I've been thinking that I need to reassess my reds, but didn't know where to begin. I'll think I'll start with some of your new ones!


Trumpetvine Travels Sketchblog (http://www.trumpetvine.com/sketchblog)
Hi Martha! Yes, I explored a LOT of reds earlier this year. Here are some of them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/1518216834/in/set-72057594058993203/

I was looking to replace both Cadmium Red (because of the possible toxicity) and Alizarin Crimson, because of lightfastness. I tried out Permanent Aliz. Crimson, which is OK, but I really prefer some of the other choices, I think--they're cleaner and mix wonderfully well.

So far I've gone back to Cadmium for a warmer red, and just plan not to eat it. That Perylene Red in the DS sampler was lovely, rather Cad-ish--I also like M. Graham's Napthol Crimson, a cooler red...

Exploration really goes on forever, doesn't it?? I love using colors I can depend on--Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt, and Thalo seem like permanent fixtures in my repertoire! But I do play about with the others...

Edited at 2007-12-06 08:15 pm (UTC)
Here's what I threw together by playing with your scan in photoshop for a few minutes

Bear in mind that this is based entirely on what the paints *look* like to me rather than what they *paint* like. It also solves your dilemma of whether to put that colour with the yellows or the earth colours - I put both groups together because the number of colours seemed to fit! ;-p

P.S. I might suggest swapping the DS Quin Burnt Scarlet and the W&N Burnt Umber so that the DS Quin Burnt Scarlet is 'next to' the reds by the same reasoning. I also wonder if then reversing the left column to put the DS Quin Burnt Scarlet *really* next to the reds would work! *goes off to play in PS some more*

Edited at 2007-12-08 11:55 am (UTC)
You WERE having fun! Thanks!

I like to keep the primaries as together as possible and the earth colors likewise, preferably separated, as in my little folding palette, by a divider, hence the rather odd-looking arrangement...more concerned with what they paint like, here.*G*