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September 2013



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Neocolor II Sketch

Neocolor II Sketch, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

This is a MUCH more subdued sketch than the Aquacolor one of Merlin the other day--Neocolor II Water-soluble crays are not as explosive as Lyra Aquacolors, for one thing, being smaller and somewhat drier and less saturated, and my approach was much more controlled. Of course the subject matter might have something to do with it! I'd been lying about reading the Dick Francis novels my new mother-in-law gave me, and eating unsalted cashews rather than hurrying to capture Merlin before he ran off again!

I was using a much wetter brush, on Merlin, too, and might even have been standing. This was sitting cross-legged in bed with a Niji waterbrush...amazing how much of a difference medium and tools make...this is Nideggan paper in my handbound journal...


Does this possibly mean there could be a new book in the future?
On painting in bed? ;-)

I'm working on a new CD to take the place of my Watercolor Pencil Magic book that was allowed to go out of print--it may show up there!
Lol! If that book was written, we would ALL have to have it!

I actually was reading about that this morning, the CD that is. I think I am going to sign up for that class, but was disappointed to learn the book is no longer being published. Maybe a comprehensive book that combines wc crayon and pencil would be a great idea. We all own them and most of us haven't a clue what to do with them *chuckle*, along with Inktense and Graphatint.

I wrote it, all right, but apparently everybody didn't feel the need to have it. ;-) Otherwise North Light would have kept it in print forever, as they have some of my other books! Maybe it was a bit before its time...

Actually that book DID have the crayons, etc., in it, but Inktense and Graphitints hadn't been invented yet. ;-)

I do like to approach them all logically and helpfully...one of the other books out there kind of jumped through hoops to try to turn them into watercolors. No need!
Lol, Kate. I think I may have miscommunicated. I meant that the book we all would have to have is the one about painting in bed! Maybe you should query North Light about it!

But seriously, I am really disappointed to learn that the book I really could use is no longer being published. I didn't realize that it was so comprehensive. I think a book like that is sorely needed and I have been watching the bookshelves at Barnes and Noble for one. Would it help for me to write the publisher? Is it NorthLight? or is their a possibility of a revised book in the future? One is sorely needed for us who own these products but are such newbies that we are uncertain how to manipulate them. I think they could become a serious and respected medium in and of themselves if they were given the right amount of attention.

I own an extensive set of Lyra w.c. crayons. They are luscious and I use them often in mixed media and in my art journal. (The way I aqcuired them is by showing up at the art store in mid-January in a pair of shorts, in sub-zero Minnesota weather. By doing so I was able to purchase one item for half-price and I had been lusting after these crayons for a long time.)I also own the other mediums we spoke of, having received them as gifts, and it is a shame that they go unused.

If I can be of help by writing a letter now or in the future, let me know, I would be happy to.
Oh, what a hoot--you DID mean that! (I sure do enough of it!)

It certainly doesn't hurt to write a publisher about a need you perceive. I doubt they'd revise that particular book so soon...my other book I'm revising (I hope!) has been out 20 years! They reverted the rights to me on the WCPM book, but of course I can't afford to have a book with that much color printed! It's a big gamble for a publisher with a whole network of contacts...

That must have been some interesting art store sale!!! :-)))
have i told you how much i enjoy learning from you, and watching your process? okeydokey. maybe i have. but i do so love "windowpeeking" on you and your work.

thank you!
You have, and you're a DOLL. No, thank you! ;-)