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September 2013



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Lyra Aquacolor Merlin

Oh, my...playing around with the Lyra Aquacolors the way they're actually supposed to be used instead of as big pans of pigment...subtle they are NOT.

This one is only 5" x 7"--I think a larger color range (this was just the brown, black, and blue) on a bigger sheet of paper would be more satisfying...but I really like some of the textural effects, and if you were going for bold, they'd be marvelous.  Very interesting medium...


my very first "fancy" colored pencils were lyra. my aunt sent them to me, and even as an eleven year old kid, i recognized the lovely smooth texture as something special, and the deep pigment of them as something to be treasured. i still have them. or what remains of them...and the metal box they came in. what a special gift, and from the person who always recognized what we'd like, not what we necessarily needed...

i really like the aquacolor effect. like you said, not particularly subtle, but very interesting. something else to think about...hmmmmm.....
What a lovely aunt you had! It's so fine to have someone like that in your life, isn't it?


How I love this KAte...those colours and suggestions and darks...
Well thank you, Ronell! I think it was a shock because his coloring is sooooo subtle. I like it, now I've gotten used to it...
Lovely, especially the use of opposing colors in harmonious ways!
Thank you, girl!


I love that blue/brown pairing. It that pthalo blue? This reminds me that I need to order the Schmincke burnt umber that you mentioned!! People (like me, for one) often get the spacing of cats' eyes wrong---but not you!! I love how the blue shadows remind us of Merlin's stunning eyes, even though we can't see the color of them here. Clever you!
Many hugs,
Hi sweetie! I have NO IDEA what it is, Lyra Aquacolors don't tell you--just color numbers on the crayons. Sure looks that way, though, doesn't it?

All there is on the tin is the name, Lyra 12 Aquacolors (12 since there are a dozen in the small set, of course!), then Water-soluble artists' crayons, to which inside they add "Fine Art." So helpful!

And I think I might not have been quite THAT clever, or I would have chosen the light turquoisish one.*G*

And thank you!



Worked Great this time! Came here directly from your link. juj
Well, COOL, juj. The first time I put my name in the user ID place instead of my LJ username, duh. You can pick which blog you use from the drop-down menu, then you get a screen asking if you authorize Blogger to contact your blog's ID. Hoping I don't have to go through that EVERY time I want to comment, but at least it's working.*G*

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