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September 2013



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We're getting soooo silly...about Merlin again, of course...

Joseph came up with a caption for my photo of Merlin in the bathroom sink, so I just HAD to try it on the http://icanhascheezburger.com site. They let you "build your own" so who could resist?

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Yep, we're nuts. Why do you ask?


Perfect! Kate, it is my belief that if we weren't a bit nuts we'd really be over the edge. Humor has kept us sane during our various recent health woes.

Merlin is a handsome young man, gorgeous markings. Glad he has no ill effects from the foamy stuff.

You and J take care, and have a wonderful Christmas if I don't talk to you between now and then.
PS Your new book sits under our Christmas tree: a gift to me, from me.... hehehe
Hi Dee! I agree 100%! In fact I once went for counseling and the psychologist asked me "do you have to laugh at everything?" I said "YES, or go nuts!" We both had a good laugh about that.

And thanks for the good wishes for the furry boy and for us! I hope you enjoy the book... ;-)

Ahahahahahahaha, so cute. Thank you for sharing.
You're welcome!
Glad to be of service, m'dear! Thank my funny husband for the perfect caption though...
I don't think I've ever commented in your journal but do read it everyday because I love your artwork & rehabbing stories. Now, I've GOT to comment here ... OMG, THAT IS THE FUNNIEST PICTURE I'VE SEEN SO FAR!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! He's gorgous, too!

From a fellow cat lover (& rescuer)
LOL! Well, welcome! And yes, when my husband came up with that perfect caption I knew I had to post it...
OMG! That's hilarious!
'tis, innit!?
it's all your fault. after i laughed at this, i had to go to lolcats again (it had been a week or so) and i spent the better part of an hour giggling my way thru the new posts. i love it.

and i still love merlin's "hands".
OH yeah. J. said he looked through dozens of 'em today! Fun...but omigosh the ones with little kittens! I'm STILL in trouble...WANT!!
there is something pervasive about kitten lust. i find myself having to force myself NOT to go to the shelter, pet store, or respond to "free kitten" signs, lest i find myself a single partent for presenting additional roadblocks to himself. negotiating my "paths" around the house is bad enough without having to dodge another kitteh!
er--that would be "single parent"....
I knew that. ;-)
And I've done enough to poor old Oliver, getting Merlin! Joseph reminds me that when he moves here, we'll have FIVE, and that is ENOUGH.



I guess Merlin already being a teenager when I got him didn't satisfy my kitteh lust...siiiigh...those little round heads and big eyes!