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September 2013



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He's fine...

...little goofball! Thanks, all, for the good wishes! He's as playful and hungry and demanding as ever, and as full of purrs.

Right now he's curled up in my studio inbox...or is it my outbox... ;-)



And he knows he's good-looking too!
Oh, I'm SURE he does! Such elegant coloring and gorgeous big blue (slightly crossed) eyes!
"This is my sink! What do you mean you want to wash your hands?"

He is getting big!
That's about right, isn't it? He "claims" places!

And yes, he was a teenage kitten when I got him, so growing fast.

I think I still need a KITTEN kitten. ;-)
i'm in love with his feet. they remind me of our "lint's" feet. he articulates those toes and uses them like we do our fingers. (like the siamese in lady and the tramp...) . i suspect merlin works magic with his toes, too, from the looks of him.
Wow, Lint must be special! Merlin's not quite prehensile, but he certainly manages to reach and grab anything he wants!
i used to think that lint was a little bit siamese (he is very talkative, and thinks he's part dog) but have become convinced that he is part monkey, instead. i have never seen him swing by his tail, but i'm not convinced he doesn't when we are not looking...and i have seen him reach up with one "hand" and use a single "finger" to hook stuff he wants. sassy cat...
MONKEY! That's IT!!!

I'd love to meet Lint someday. And dare I ask how he got that name?!?
his name is homage to a "back porch cat" that adopted us. he never wanted to be an inside cat, and he was well into his near-adult age when he moved in on the three season porch. he would leave every morning around ten, wander for hours, and be home by around two-thirty, when erin would get home from school. his real name was "prince", but i referred to him as "little nuisance" for so long that his name became "nuisance". when he failed to return home one winter afternoon, we feared the worst. it was confirmed by the local police department when i called them--he had been hit by a car, and found by someone who called the police, who made sure that he was not left in the street. it broke erin's heart, and we were sure we'd never meet such a total doll again. but about 8 weeks later, we wandered thru a local pet store which sold only locally born kitties. there was only one left in the store, and it was a near-perfect doppelganger for nuisance. erin only wanted to hold him for a minute, but when he shinnied up her arms and nestled into the back of her long hair at the nape of her neck, i knew we were lost. he was only 7-8 weeks old, but was very contained and elegant, with a personality that was identical to the one we'd lost. it was eerie--but i knew we had to bring him home. he moved into her bedroom upstairs, and took over the second story of the house, and every corner of our hearts. his name became "lint" as "LIttle Nuisance, Two". he's pretty much run the place, ever since. one thing that impressed me was his grace in moving in with the old, crabby cat we had at the time (she was "kittywampus") she was the product of incest (her mama got caught by mama's oldest son, second time in heat) and didn't waste any energy on personality. we kept her, largely, as an exercise in ownership for the kids. it does['t matter if they are "nice" or not--if you choose them, and take that responsibility, you live up to it. she would sit on me, but i could never pet her--i think she was "kitty autistic". too much stimulus would make her turn on you, scratch, and bite. it was strictly her terms. lint didn't try to exercise any macho muscles with her--he deferred to her, skirted around her, and gave her her head in all things. he has always been mr. mellow. and when we finally had to have her put down, he tiptoed around for months, expecting to see her somewhere, and ready to give her wide berth. he still peeks under my dresser to make certain that she's not hiding there, waiting to attack him, and she's been gone for years and years.

we love the linty boy, and he returns the favor, many times over. and there's more than you EVER wanted to know about our kitties!
AAAAAAaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! And no, NOT more than I ever wanted to know...what a lovely story! Before I knew about the vaccine for Feline Leukemia, I lost a bunch of my feline family one year...I was so sad and depressed that my husband insisted we go buy a kitten. I was under the impression that they would already have been tested for feleuk--not so, but oh my, did we ever fall in love. Margaret and Coyote lived with us for many years after that, bringing us laughter, love, and joy...


Hey, do you think if I ate some insulation, I could look like that? Little, regal creature, so totally happy about being gorgeous and loved.
LOL! You already look gorgeous and I know you're loved, by more people than you know!
he's gorgeous!
Thank you, yes he IS, and knows it! He WORKS it!