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September 2013



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Well, whew...looks like Merlin's fine.

He's eating and playing normally, his tummy's growling like it should (and so is he!), and not to be too delicate, he did his business like normal this morning.  Thank God!  My vet seems to think all's well...

Meanwhile, I am cranky as a bear waked too early from hibernation...words cannot express how really tired I am of having people around when I'm trying to work.  Mark's been working on the rehab next door since April, and the noise and mess and expense and details and interruptions are getting to me--along with the alarms and break-ins.  Harry's been here cleaning the gutters of both houses for two days--finally!--and the sound of the leaf blower and ladder banging against the house are striking raw nerves.

I didn't sleep well and I want everyone and everyTHING to just get done, GO AWAY and let me concentrate on my work, 'cause there isn't enough coffee in the world to compensate for noise and gas fumes and banging.

Little Mary Sunshine is a bit short of freaking sunshine, today!

And yeah, I know, people have real problems and this is the small stuff.  I'm whingeing.  It helps.  Shush.

I've got work to do here, but I think I'm going to run away from home.  I need quiet.


you can go to my house, I'm never there. :-)
Thanks, I am SO THERE! *G*
i offer to you one of my life statements: "nobody can be pollyanna ALL the time."

there. grump away. studies have shown that grumpy people tend to be more productive than cheery workers. of course, their co-workers may not be as happy about conditions...but then they will become more productive, as well. it is all part of that happy spiral known as gettin' it done.

i'd tell you to come to my house, but you'd never find your way out of the living room....tie a string to the doorknob when you enter, so that you may eventually exit in relative safety.
Love it. And I certainly can't, I ran fresh out of pollyanna today.

Did me a WORLD of good to go off to the lake to sketch, though I had a couple of seriously cranky moments there too...so WHY did the man in the Tracker keep circling my car, honking? I didn't know him. I did not WANT to know him. I wanted to slap him silly.

And hon, if that study is correct, I should be REALLY productive today. Unfortunately mostly I need to be at my computer to accomplish that little trick. (Dang, I coulda taken the new laptop! Oh well...*G*)

Your house sounds like home, to me, girlfriend!
You know what? You AREN'T hitting anyone, you DIDN'T slap anyone silly, and you WON'T yell at anyone. All you're doing is talking, and not even out loud mind you but typing!

My dear woman, you are seriously on the Good end of the spectrum, I assure you. You go ahead and grump away - I'd take your kind over just about any of the other grumpy mc. grumps I see every day!
LOL! Well, I'm not entirely convinced of that, but thank you. I don't care to spend much time with unpleasant, negative types myself, or bitchers, or whiners, or people who criticize everything and everyone, habitually. Doomsayers make me crazy!

It did me a world of good to get AWAY, out in nature, and sketch. I stayed away from home till I was reasonably sure both my contractor and my lawn guy with the horrendously smelly leaf blower exhaust were both gone, and no one would feel the need to make noise, bang on things, ask where I'd been or, siiigh, ask for money! (We're sorting out money details and I'm in the middle...erk.)

I snagged an Arby's sandwich on the way home and headed for the park, and stayed out even longer...it was great.*G* I feel human! Maybe not Good end of the spectrum, but definitely human.
Not ONLY are those the times (and noises) that try one's soul, but I think they might be the times to try an Ipod. Something you WANT to listen to, at least. :-D
Better luck tomorrow.
ROTFLMAO!! She HAS an iPod but hasn't programmed it yet. She missed it sorely at my folks house when she needed something to drown out the sound of Mom's TV on one of the (seemingly never-ending) judge shows (Joe Brown, Judy and the rest of that bunch), Law & Order or CSI, and Dad's on a football game.
Oh boy, I really disliked Judge Judy. I don't care if those people ARE terminally stupid to come on her show and air their sorry problems, just asking for it, she is RUDE. Bordering on cruel. I don't find that funny or refreshing, I find it pathetic and depressing. She's depressing, they're depressing, UGH.

That's what I don't like about most talk radio, I guess. Rude is not funny, to me.

CSI is fun, a good show and I like it, but one after another after another? Same with Law and Order. Harris and I used to watch it--good show, like ER. But one after another after another?? Erk.

Your folks' place is indeed sorely lacking in quiet, sorry babe...meditation, yoga, reiki, reading, writing, thinking, in fact ANYTHING requiring contemplation is pretty much right out. It's a wonder I can draw--my usual escape! And of course I'm not able to drop off to sleep, like you are, when the noise is going.

Earplugs were NOT equal to the task! ;-) My head is still buzzing!
Giggle! Joseph's answer below says it all...MUST learn to program that thing!! I've had it almost 6 months now...

The stink was what really got me, I'm afraid. I don't know what's the matter with Harry's leaf-blower, but I was getting straight exhaust smell right in my kitchen and dining room. Gag!! (And obviously in sore need of winterizing, eh?? There's a crack under my back door large enough for mice and blacksnakes to waltz right through, exhaust had NO problem.)

And so far, "tomorrow" is a LOT better, thank you! Slept in, still really tired, rainy day, kitty fine, no one around, is GOOD.


Uh oh! Just when you most needed the peace and quiet of home, there's no peace and quiet of home! When in heck is Mark going to finish that job?? The house isn't that big, is it?? I sure hope today is a brighter day, sweet Kate. At any rate, it'll probably be a day off for the workers, so maybe it'll at least be a quieter day. Take deep breaths. This, too, shall pass.
Well, the house was a wreck...we had to take it down to the studs, take out the old bathroom and kitchen, and God knows what else. It's being mostly a one-man job--I haven't had any more volunteer help in months, and I've been tired and busy and haven't done much either, so--no idea how long. Long!

We still have to do something with the wretched, banged-up, painted-over but lovely vintage woodwork (and ACK, they used latex paint over gloss enamel, so it just wants to PEEL, but not easily, everywhere...), turn that empty room into a bathroom, turn the other empty room into a kitchen, get the dratted furnace working, replace storm windows, and paint the outside of the house. And replace one of the front columns--they used a TELEPHONE POLE. Jeez.

And replace all the plumbing that was stolen, and get a hot water heater, and get the water turned on.

And tear off the back porch and old bathroom, and replace the porch, and do all the floors...

Thank God I'm not trying to LIVE in it.

Whew, tiring...

So yep, I DO hope it's a day off...I've already missed a call from Mark. I just don't want to see a human face, today, but I know I have to. Postoffice, and Harry will come by for his check, and probably Mark.

I'm SO used to being alone! What a hermit... ;-(

Keep those good thoughts coming, Miss Xoxa, and thank you!