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September 2013



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Poor wee Merlin...

wistful, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...my contractor's been doing a bit of fixie work on my house too, stopping at least the air and critters from coming through the holes in my bathroom floor behind the tub and the one behind the washing machine (oh, the joys of old houses and dry rot--and WHY do they call it that anyway?? It was caused by water!!) We need to REALLY fix them, remove the tub, washing machine, and flooring and replace it, but--there's not enough time or money for that, so we did a literal stopgap and filled the holes that go all the way to the crawl space with bricks, stones, bits of wood--and Good Stuff insulation.

I tried to keep Merlin shut away from the work, so he wouldn't #1, get in the way, #2, try to explore down the holes (with the bricks removed the one behind the tub was big enough for a huge boar raccoon, some years back!), or #3, get into the sticky foam insulation before it dried and cured.

Well, I guess 2 out of 3 aren't TOO bad...Mark was going to finish part of the spray can of Good Stuff insulation in the bathroom, and left the door open. Merlin found this wonderful, unfamiliar, fascinating, poofy STUFF, and had to explore.

Auuuuuuuuugh! His paws, legs, tummy, chin, whiskers, all gummy and probably toxic in the uncured state...and he was trying to lick it off!

The directions said NOT to use acetone on skin to remove it, and I sure didn't want him licking that, either (they say to let it cure and remove it mechancially or wear it off, oh JOY), so I just held him till it began to set up, tried to keep him from licking any more of it, and slowly picked as much as possible out of his fur.

Fortunately cat fur is kind of loosely set into the skin, and it doesn't seem to hurt them to pull it out...good darn thing, because we sat there for a half hour while I pulled out a tiny bit of fur and gummy stuff at a time, with it sticking to my already-sticky fingers!

His paws are still a bit stiff, but I got most everything else...maybe when it's thoroughly cured I can BREAK it off...poor kitty! He purred the whole time I was working on him, though, so I guess he wasn't really very upset.

Happily, curiosity didn't REALLY kill the cat, but what a mess...


Oh, DEAR. Perhaps someday you'll look back on this and laugh...? Maybe?
I'm sure I will, assuming the little goofball's ok! He wasn't terribly hungry for dinner, and he's usually RIGHT THERE. It worries me a bit...

And I love your new icon, how adorable!
augh! cats continually amaze me. they are so smart and sooooo dumb. (i can relate) hope neither of you are the worse for the adventure, and that he survives it perfectly well. (i can't imagine trying to wash that stuff off my coat with my tongue. gah! his taster is going to be screwy for a few days, i fear)

glad you and joseph had a wonderful time. missed seeing your posts, but loved knowing it was because you were having an adventure. love the artposts from the trip. you inspire me to do stuff.
Oh, you've got a point! Maybe it IS just that things taste funny...my little chow-hound wasn't very hungry for dinner...

We did have some wonderful times, thank you! GOD I love the ocean. Gorgeous, primal, magical, mysterious...wow.

So, girlfriend, get out the sketchbook and HIT it!
The little imp! I do hope he's okay!! :-)
Thank you, he's acting perfectly normal now, at 3:30 in the morning! (Yes, I was worried about him and having trouble sleeping, siiigh!) He was eating, playing, purring, wanting up in my lap, so I think we dodged the bullet on that one...


Please call the vet right away. They may want to do an x-ray to make sure it hasn't hardened inside and created an obstruction (our vet had to do surgery on a dog that ingested Gorilla Glue, which of course poofed up inside and hardened into a huge mass...) At least just call to be sure.

You could use peanut butter or olive oil to get the hardened stuff out of his hair.
Thank you, I believe I will do that, first thing in the morning! He seems fine now, as I just told the previous commenter--middle of the night, now, and he's eating, playful, purring, wanting attention.

I don't believe he could have ingested much at all, as quickly as I discovered it--I was more worried about any toxicity in the uncured stuff, but it's worth it to check him out, certainly.

I've gotten almost all of it out of his hair, except around a couple of his toe pads...it was mostly on the very tips of the hairs, and came off/out readily, with gentle, patient pulling.

I appreciate your concern for the little idjet!


What a nightmare! I hope the little guy is feeling better. Casey
Thank you, Miss Casey, he seems to be absolutely back to his frisky self this morning!
Well, he still LOOKS beautiful. (And un-phased.) Best wishes that all other critters that should stay out of your house do so!
Yep, he just has the tiniest bit of hardened gunk between his toes, now...he picks at it, I pull on it, and by tomorrow he should be all cleaned up. My fingers still look filthy though!


Oh NO!! Poor kitty and poor YOU! I do hope the stuff isn't as toxic as you were afraid it was (as I would be, too)! I gather from your more recent post that he's doing better, thank heavens.
Hi sweet Xoxa...no, I think he's fine. The package said if ingested to drink lots of water, not induce vomiting, and didn't have any screaming GET TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY warnings. I'm pretty sure he could NOT have licked much of it, it's too sticky and self-contained, for lack of a better word. He's eating, drinking, and playing normally, and seems to be taking care of business, so I believe the panic has passed.

Idjet cat!!
Hi Vicky! Yes, he DID love it, just laid on his back in my lap, purring madly!

Thank Bill for me! Must be a water rot, then...downhill from the tub and washing machine, both of them. (And yes, alas, my old Victorian house DOES have an uphill and downhill, quite obviously!)

Edited at 2007-12-01 04:19 pm (UTC)
We have yellow pine floors, which qualify as hardwood! But...as old as they are, and as dry, those huge hard grains can separate, and make 4' long splinters! YIPE.
The house won't be usable, next door, till we do! SERIOUSLY rough in a couple of the rooms!

And thank you, I got your check for the WC Pencil class today! You're right, I lose almost $3.00 to PayPal every time I get paid that way, but it is a convenience I like to offer. LOTS more people pay that way...guess it's just the cost of doing business.
And that's a HUGE plus. I've done two huge renovation jobs and countless small ones here in the 30 years I've lived in this house--including new drywall in all the front four rooms, new drywall ceilings in the kitchen and workroom, and tearing out the carpet and refinishing the floors. Yep, moving all your furniture to ones side of the house and crawling over it, then the other...I did sort of like sleeping in the dining room though! Pretty moonlight on the south side...

We're beginning to feel a little bit of a pinch in this project, too, I think!