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September 2013



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San Juan Capistrano sketching

San Juan Capistrano, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I could have stayed here for days and days, and never have run out of things to sketch. I loved it! I was planning to use the sepia ink and white on the tan Nideggan paper, but Joseph talked me into staying with the ink alone. I think I'm glad I did...

I couldn't decide about whether to pack a tube of white gouache so I could work dimensionally on the toned paper--was a bit concerned about what security would think of the tube, and then it occurred to me--watercolor pencils or crayons, in white, ARE dry gouache! We found a wonderful little art supply store in San Clemente and I bought some open stock WC pencils and crayons, which worked a treat! You can see them in the Flickr album...

Unfortunately I lost my beloved palette at the beach, as mentioned, so I'm ordering a new one today. The small set of 12 Lyra Aquacolors stood in for my palette--too bad it has some poor color choices in the small set! I desperately wanted an ultramarineish, cobaltish blue, and had the choice of an intense greenish Thalo sort of a blue or a pale, opaque and rather ugly turquoise...(the text on the tin is German, and no hint of what these colors actually are...)

So I was glad that Joseph had brought his little Winsor & Newton set I'd given him--I worked with both, but the difference was definitely discernable...

And yes, of COURSE I drew him, too!

Joseph & the Horse Sculpture

Lots more new sketches in my Flickr album, here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/



Gorgeous!! and what a fun trip it sounds like. Plus, you missed all the snowy drizzle and cold we had here, at least for a bit. Lucky girl!
~ juj
I called my family on Thanksgiving and heard about the cold and snowy ick! So yes, going barefoot was weird but nice...


San Juan Capistrano

I went there to San Juan Capistrano in 1969. Your drawing brings it all back. Your drawings are wonderful and I particularly like the toned ground.
Roll on the end of my current sketchbook.

I had to buy an ultramarine watercolour pencil in Barcelona - should have seen me trying to explain. Tried oltremare (Italian) but that sounded like something else in Spanish - turned out they knew ulatramarine anyway as they were English pencils and the colour was stamped on them in English.

Wendy (quirkyartist.blogspot.com)

Re: San Juan Capistrano

Thank you, Wendy--and I'm glad you found the ultramarine!