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September 2013



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Joseph & Kate at the Mission

Wow.  This was wonderful...gorgeous, textural, light and shadow, time with my husband...I was dying to paint and sketch SO much more!  I wish we'd had all day there.  No...I wish we'd had a week!

Well, there or the ocean.  Or the mountains.  We had wonderful times together...

A pair of tourists had asked us to take their photo at the Mission--and I'm SO glad I thought to ask them to return the favor.  We don't have many photos of us together...and my aren't we dimply!  All smiles...

I apparently lost my beloved folding palette that day, so spent the rest of the trip painting either with the little set I'd given Joseph, or with Lyra Aquacolors used as pan paints...or drawing!  Ordering a new one from Daniel Smith TODAY.  That's not the problem, of course, it's amazingly affordable, but I had just filled it from tubes and tubes of rather expensive watercolor...siiiigh.

Sunday we went up into the mountains to the Mt. Wilson Observatory...GLORIOUS, and sobering...there had been a horrendous wreck hours earlier and the road up to the observatory was closed when we first got there.  They pulled the car up the mountain, where it had plunged 600 feet, and they pulled it into the parking lot on a flatbed truck as I was sketching.  I cried.

Miraculously, two people survived the wreck--the car had apparently exploded--and one did not.  Very, very sobering.  Still, we persevered--very, very carefully--and the view from the top was incredible...I did my best to capture it in a quick sketch, with icy hands...

Alas, I seemed to forget my camera all too often, so I don't have all that many photos, but some of them are on my newest Flickr album, here..

I'll have scans of the art up, later, on my other Flickr ID... http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/
You can see my open sketch journal, with the pier and bits of the Mission sketched on Nideggan paper in sepia ink...yum, that's lovely stuff...

Thanksgiving with the folks--his--was lovely.  Close family, great food, sweet people.  Very loving...but I'm delighted to be home to no televisions blaring (they usually have Dueling TVs!), no football (I am SO Not A Jock), and no chiming clocks and night lights in the bedroom.  One's Own Bed is very fine indeed...though I do miss my husband in it!  :-)

Besides, I missed my kitties, and they apparently missed me too, since they can't stand to be away from me for more than a minute!  Sonya was wonderful to them, not only fed them but paid them some attention and played with them, but they seem to like Mom best. ;-)

I hope you all had a glorious Thanksgiving, with those you love...



So glad you had a good time and that you got to see one of our missions. They are all different! I'm sure Joseph enjoyed showing you some sites. . . Mt. Wilson does have splendid views and San Clemente is a pretty little beach town. I agree with the kitties. . . it's good to have you back where you belong
Thank you, Miss Brenda! And I am DELIGHTED to be here.

I'm sooooo spoiled. My own kitchen. My own bed. My own music. My own NO TV!!!

I was a widow a long time, and I got pretty good at living alone. J's mom and I work well together in the kitchen, but that may be partly because I defer to her in about everything, it being HER kitchen! :-)

She bent over backwards to try to make me feel at home--they both did!--but truly there IS noplace like home. I'm with Dorothy!
So sorry your pallette disappeared... but your sketches are lively and lovely as always... San Juan Capistrano is one of the "best" missions to visit. (Grew up in California...) I had a friend who was prevent from sailing into one of those San Gabriel Mtn. ravines by a guard rail... that road can have gravel and the hairpin turns can sneak up on you. The last time I was there, I was amazed at HOW MUCH COLDER it was at the observatory level than at the LaCanada level!! Hope the skies were clear and that you could see all the way to Catalina. (Or at least Hollywood!!)
I was surprised at the temperature change too! Fortunately my mother in law had a truly grim crocheted afghan in the trunk of the car, and I wrapped up in it to paint!

And yes, Hollywood I could see...not much beyond! Thank you for the kind words!