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September 2013



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Todd on toned paper

Todd on toned paper, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Yesterday I went to Fort Osage National Historic Landmark to help out with their opening of the new Visitors Center--they needed reenactors down in the Fort, showing what life was like, so I took my period-style art supplies and "documented the great happenings...." Or actually just delighted in drawing my dear friend Todd, on Fabriano Roma paper, using a porte-crayon with black on one end and white on the other.

I love working on toned paper...you can get such dimensional effects! Todd was working on his gear, with the afternoon sun catching the side of his face...lovely! Nice to be there with old friends...


I haven't really got anything relevant to add to this particular entry but I want to drop you a note to say that I'm glad you keep a blog! I found your books through the handprint.com watercolor site and followed links from the amazon pages of your sierra club books to find your livejournal, and I'm glad I did! This is good stuff!
Oh my goodness, I didn't even know they were mentioned on Handprint! It is a tiny little world, isn't it? And I'm glad you found me too!
He had nice things to say about them, if I recall!
So he did, I found them, and wrote and thanked him! (He had said the Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature was out of print, so I let him know it was available--got a nice email back with a promise to fix that...)


A wonderful drawing. Toned paper with black and white gives such great effects of light! And your journals! Wow! They are awesome! I don´t know how you find the patience to bind so many at a time, though, I always do ONE, and then I don´t want to make any more until that one is almost full...
About those tactile objects on your covers - they are beautiful, but don´t you ever get annoyed by the fact that they stick out? I did that once, put three clay faces on the front cover of a home made journal, but then the cover wouldn´t lay flat when I was drawing in the book, and that irritated me immensely! They looked cool, though...
That book was copic bound, so it CAN be extremely flat when open, but the faces ruined it... what do you think?
/nina j
Hi Nina! I'm always wanting to experiment with different things--shape, size, paper, whatever--so I bind more than one. Besides, it's SUCH a mess, the way I do it, that I need to do more, then put it away...

No, the dimensional pieces don't annoy me, probably because I choose the flattest ones I have! Most are images transferred to polymer clay that I've rolled no more than 1/8" thick at the MOST. Some are quite a bit thinner. They're mostly there for decor and for my fingertips to find in a hurry...

I don't do the copic bound books, though, so it might bother me then. Mine lie flat, when open, but that's a relative term for someone used to the binding you use, I'm sure!


Your Art

I always enjoy your artwork and your site. You ooze with talent and I appreciate your art a great deal. You are a kind soul because you seem to share so freely.

Re: Your Art

Well, thank you! Years of being a teacher and writer, I guess--I like to help.


Fort Osage

I wish I had followed my impulse to go to Fort Osage yesterday. I could have met you! Had I known you were going to be there, I would have brought along my copy of A Naturalist's Cabin for you to sign. *sigh*

Re: Fort Osage

Well fooey! But it was actually Friday that I was out there--the new visitors' center had a big public opening, though why they chose to do it on a workday, I can't imagine...


Fort Osage - A sighting!

BTW - That anonymous post was left by Pablo of Roundrockjournal.com. The one time I manage to get a comment through and I forget to leave my name.

Re: Fort Osage - A sighting!

I figured it was someone I "knew" online...no problem!


Oh Kate, this is beautiful! Your portraits are always so sensitive. You are such an inspiration...
Thank you, Casey! Todd really is a dear friend, so I was glad it turned out to capture something of that feeling!


Kate, This is just so beautiful...the colour, choice of paper, texture, the expression you've captured...!
Thank you, Ronell! The light was just perfect, and I couldn't resist.

Just enough information

This is such a wonderful portrait. I'm amazed by the way you economically used just a touch of white and black to delicately create a lifelike three dimensional portrait. The light just pours overs his cheeks. Wonderful!

Re: Just enough information

Thank you, Jana! I actually did two portraits of him that day, and tried a different angle for the second--the light was so boring from that side I went back where I was for this one, and glad I did!


Ahh, I love your drawings. A simple statement, but true. There's a certain shape to your lines that's present in all of your portraits, giving them all a family resemblance---it's as though in drawing the people you care about, you're making them part of you and each other.
So happy to be home and can't wait to catch up with you, dear heart.
Thank you, sweet Xoxa...I think we all have a "fingerprint" to our work. I know YOU do, and I realize when my own doesn't feel like me--when it's tentative, for instance--I'm unhappy with it.

I'm delighted to be home, too...just got in late last night, and I'm exhausted! It was wonderful seeing my husband, but wow, home is great. Thanksgiving travel wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared, and the weather had gotten better by the time I got home, so GETTING here wasn't as grim, either--just the mislaid luggage last night held me up an hour.


And I'll write more when I catch up a bit!


toned paper

Hi Kathy, I'm an admirer of your work, all of it, and your books have helped this newbie make progress, and continues to challenge me. Will be signing up for an online course as soon as I can clear my plate a bit.

LOVE these drawings you are doing on toned paper...they have an entirely different feel. Can't really think of how to articulate it, but the word "luscious" comes up! And as another cat worshipper...well, your kitty drawings just touch me so deeply. What a gift you have!


Re: toned paper

Joanie, thank you so much! My new art tip, due out tomorrow, will be on working on toned paper--are you on my free announcement list? You can sign up at my website, if not-- http://cathyjohnson.info

I really love working on the toned paper, I'm guessing it shows!


This is gorgeous! I love the effect with just adding the highlights on the face with very little drawing. Wow.-- Sherie
Thank you, Sherie! I like working on toned paper...