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September 2013



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The Third 25 tips CD

The Third 25 tips CD, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...I've been a busy lady the last few days! Finally, since I'm finally over 75 art tips on my website, I downloaded and compiled the new CD for my CafePress store, and designed a cover, here, using some of the art that appeared in this 25. This is the third CD in this series!

I usually keep the cost relatively low on these, since the actual tips are free on my website, but of course have be uploaded one at a time there. The CDs are more for convenience than anything, so people can be inspired at work or school, on vacation, on a break or when there's no Internet connection available.

I've also gotten the webpage for the new watercolor pencil class done, with the help of my terrific webmistress, Sonya at http://morgansites.com, my alumni students, and my husband, all of whom gave invaluable feedback.

I'm moving my online workshops to my own website, for any number of reasons. You can find that page here: http://www.cathyjohnson.info/wcpencilclass.html with the new banner I finally settled on (I do tend to tweak and tweak!)

I just keep tweaking...

The book is unfortunately out of print now, so I'm working hard to get a CD done in time for the class--we'll use it or the book, if students already own it, as a text. (New work, though, on the CD, plus a whole new chapter that got cut out of the book...)

AND I got three new journals bound so I have a choice of sketchbooks with paper I love or want to experiment with--they're here:

November Journals in Sun

Hoping someday to get to take a hands-on class, there are just some things I am not GETTING from a book...

Added to the four orders I filled this morning and now have ready to take to the postoffice, I'm wondering if it's bedtime yet... *rg*



Who made your journals Cathy, they are beautiful? What paper do they have inside them?
Thank you, I did! The one with marble paper on the cover has a variety of watercolor papers, mostly Fabriano HP and CP, the brown one is a variety of toned papers and the little one is mostly Nideggan.
Your sketchbooks are gorgeous :)
Thank you, I'm learning a little bit more each time I bind one...
lovely books!
Thank you! I've got one more ready to put into its back, and two more to sew and bind. I feel much better having backup!