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September 2013



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Well, how cool is THIS? Or rather how warm...

Thank you AGAIN, Abbie Normal!

I had to laugh at the idea of a DVD of a fire in a fireplace--she put a note on it saying "when you're too tired to fire up the chiminea...."

Well, I am, and it's also cold out tonight and the only firewood I have left is plaster-covered lath, sooooo....

Sitting on the couch with a fruit smoothie and my sweet old Oliver on my lap watching (and listening to) a crackling faux-fire is amazingly relaxing! I can almost smell the woodsmoke...but no ashes to clean up. *G*

Faux Fire

You can choose to listen to guitar or piano music or just the natural sounds of the fire...I tried out the first two but prefer the crackle of the flames...

Is this nuts or what?? But...terrific. ;-)))



yeah--there is something mildly schizoid about it--but i love it! it made me laugh out loud. and yes, i have one, too! sure beats cleaning out that fireplace when i'm tired. so, tonight, it is herbal tea, the cat in the lap, hubby snoring in the recliner, and me and the faux flames!
Faux flames ROCK! I even like the sound of them from the other room, knowing that my "fire" is glowing away in there...

There's something mildly "Matrix"-like about all this, though... ;-))
oh--that was the "anonymous me", whose brain is only marginally functional after a day at work. sorry. i should remember to sign in.
Well, I was pretty sure it was, but not QUITE.*G* I'll bet you are wiped indeed, girl!
Guess I'll have to get you a recliner (or at least a more comfortable chair) to put in front of your computer... *G*
Dint know you plugged it into the TV...
Yep...like I said, I wanted to be cozy and relaxed. So did Oliver! He thought it was great...may have to do that again tonight...though he's on my lap right now, silly old man...


Ah man,

Tell the Hammer I said I just don't know what to think of a man that leaves his new bride without even the smallest bit of firewood to keep her warm over the winter. The word common comes to mind...............

Dr. M.
LOL! Well, actually I've got TONS of plaster-dust-covered lath. Works great in the chiminea, but I'm not crazy about dragging it in here...
I could leave her with sixteen cords of wood, but where would she burn it? She's afraid the kittehs will burn their widdle paws on the woodstove if she did try to use it, and besides, she'd have to clear off all the stuff on it.

And of course, once the temperature plummets the chiminea is out...
You make me sound sooooo...neurotic.

You know me SO well...*GG*

And yeah, yeah, we'll USE it!
It IS a horizontal surface, after all, hence "storage"...

...like at YOUR house...*G*