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September 2013



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Thank you Abbie Normal!

You know??  There are just some times when you are SO grateful for your friends and the dear, dear people you meet online (after all, I just married one of 'em.*G*)

Miss Abbie, bless her, surprised me with a "rehab survival kit" that included nourishment in the form of CHOCOLATE and music (ragtime to to with the age of our renovation project!), liniment, healing salve and more!  I laughed till I cried! 

And it's not only adorable and funny but so practical, too!  We DO get sore and manage to cut ourselves...

Edit:  I forgot to mention the Burt's Bees Body Wash, which we most definitely need after a day in the salt mines!   MMmmmm!!!

Thank you, dear friend, you're definitely one in a million!

(Joseph says thank you, too!  I'm sharing the chocolate...but he'll have to come back here for the liniment and music!)


Awww. That is so wonderful and so well thought out.
^___^ Hurrah for good friends.
It was PERFECT, wasn't it? I was just delighted...and touched.
i smiled when i read your post a couple of days ago, because i'd put that box in the mail the day before. i found it sitting on one of my workspaces, and decided it had "aged" long enough, and needed to go south for the winter. it was formed while you were in the thick of things during the summer.

i'm delighted that the timing was right. and you, dear kate, are one in a million, as well. i count myself fortunate to even be in the outer nimbus of your friendship. you are a "found treasure".
It will be PERFECT, and thank you again, sweet thing! I'd like to say I'll be back in the thick of things again, but I've been so busy with other stuff I'm not over there as much as I'd like...I want to texture the walls in the two gallery rooms and OH I have been putting off stripping the woodwork on that one huge window--the previous owners started it, discovered it was work (DUH), and left it looking like alligator hide. Oh joy...can't even paint over it like that! I hate paint stripping too, but gotta do it...

Much of the rest of the woodwork is latex over gloss enamel, and you can imagine how well THAT has held up...so I'll be needing that body wash, BAD!

"Outer nimbus," indeed! Girlfriend, you've given me laughs, friendship, compassion, understanding, music and chocolate...we don't NEED to be in the same state to be real friends.
Yeah - what she said!!
Isn't she a doll!? Makes me smile, big time...