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September 2013



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Moving the online classes...

In the tweaking and clarifying stages now, but my dear webmistress , Sonya at morgansites.com got the information up on my site (and I'm STILL fiddling with it!  You'd think I would have caught the boo boos...)

Anyway, it's here:

This is the class banner I ended up with...after much of my usual tweaking...*G* 

Or.  Um.  Almost the banner I ended up with...I seem to have deleted the final one, siiiiigh...good thing Sonya had it already!

If you have any questions, find any typos, or want to make a suggestion, please do--I want this to be as clear and easy to navigate as possible. 

Most links work, a few do not, yet, 'cause I'm still working on the WC Pencil class site...

It's been tons of work, and still will be, because I'm still looking for a forum that will work, but mostly the classes will be right there...


Splendid stuff! So you're dumping the yahoo group delivery model for - something better? Whiteboard driven from your own setup, or on another group classroom sort of website?

I've been away and away from LJ, what with moving and travels; so I obviously have backstory to catch up on here - but this sounds like a great direction.

whoops, I've been busy too!

Did I not answer this??

Anyway, yes, moving to my own website, where you can see some of the changes already--http://www.cathyjohnson.info/

What's a whiteboard? I'm thinking of using something like phpbb.com, though I'm not wild about threaded forums--they get kind of cumbersome. Still, it does appear to be powerful and versatile...

Mostly I just want more freedom and control ourselves, and maybe a few less delivery problems! I used to bounce myself, a lot, and I know they occasionally have trouble with hotmail addresses and such. A threaded forum may not solve it, but then again it may!

New class site looks great

Hi Kate,
The new site and banner look great. The home page is just right -- breaks things down in an easy to understand way. I read through the link to How the Classes Work and felt that it might be helped by more headings to divide up the topics a bit. Now if only you could clone yourself and offer all the classes on an ongoing basis! I hope your students realize how lucky they are to have the experience of studying directly with you.

Re: New class site looks great

Thank you, Jana, you're a doll! I wish I could do more, too, but they're SO time- and labor-intensive. I'm whipped after 6-8 weeks. Of course I need to say "I don't teach on weekends" and then NOT. Usually end up working 7 days a week, off and on all day till bedtime. Duhhhhhh...

I do need to tweak that page a bit more, so will take that under advisement! (At the moment it all seems to be acting as one huge link...not exactly what I intended!)