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September 2013



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Working toward the Watercolor Pencil class

Time is really speeding by, and I've got so many plates in the air I can hear some of them crashing to the floor already!

The new North Light book, Creating Nature in Watercolor, is due to ship soon, for those who have pre-ordered it--I'm hoping in time for Christmas--and the Wet Canvas site is talking about interviewing me about it. Soooo...I spent much of the weekend trying to get signed on to http://Wet Canvas.com and learning the ins and outs of making a sig line, a banner, and what you can and can't do in threads (no live links in the text, for instance! Oooops...I'm so used to sharing Flickr and museum sites and all, it never occurred to me that could be a problem...)

It's here, on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Creating-Nature-Watercolor-Artists-Guide/dp/1581809131/ref=sr_1_1/002-5290251-8480838?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1194363097&sr=8-1

Another site for artists had heard about my upcoming WC Pencil workshop after the first of the year, and in answering their questions I realized I really needed to get ON this. Get information up on my website, get the classes moved from Yahoo, figure out if I could handle a threaded forum, etc. So as yet I can't give a URL because I dunno what it is--and trying to decide on a price for the classes is hard, too. They'll be a bit more now, due to time and expenses on this end, but I want to keep them very affordable for people on fixed incomes and such...

This will be the banner for the workshop...there are notes on the image in Flickr, telling more about the techniques, if you click on the top image it'll take you there.

I'm also working on a CD for those people who don't already own or aren't able to get Watercolor Pencil Magic, which is now out of print. You CAN sometimes find one for a reasonable amount, but you can also pay up to $480 if you're really crazy! (And no, the author gets zip from used book sales. *G*)

North Light kindly returned all rights to the book to me, so I'm trying to figure out what to DO with it now that I have it--obviously can't afford to publish it myself, with that much color...

Hence the CD, which will probably look like this:

watercolor pencil CD

As you can see, it's been a busy, busy weekend...


The CD is a great idea!

Also, there are several art-related companies that host online workshops. One possibility that comes to mind is Stacey, http://www.go-make-art.com/products/eclass.html (Tell her that I sent you. She may have some other good ideas, too.)

There are others that offer more structure and interaction. I'm trying to find the one that was recommended to me, but I'm drawing a blank (no pun intended) right now... Holler if you need it, and I can email a friend who may recall the name.
Thanks, Ais! I'll definitely query Stacey...the prices seem to be about what I'm charging, to I believe it will go up just a tiny bit with the move to my website. Do you know how her classes work? PDFs, threaded forums, etc.? I guess that's the kind of thing I can ask her!

There was another company I checked out, but they limit the number of students you can have for X-amount of dollars. The semi-affordable monthly charge cutoff is 40 students, and I often have more than that. The next level, institutional, is 100, though, and I couldn't handle that OR pay for it!

Sadly I can't remember their name right now...so I'd love it if you could ask your friend, thank you!
I'm pretty sure that Stacey is running the courses as sequential PDFs, one sent every X-number of days or something.

I've just email'd my friend to ask about the online courses site. I remember that they looked good... and that's all that I remember! I'll let you know as soon as he replies.
Thanks, sweetie! I feel as if I'm going in about 20 directions at once...

Sequential PDFs is what I did, too, but also with a discussion list and someplace to post homework for feedback and advice...finding all that in one place is hard!
i can smell a new book/cd in the wind, yes i can...

someday, i will perfect my stickmen and circle-on-circle cats!
In my oh-so-copious spare time.*GG* Definitely trying to put together a CD, though...

And *Ahem,* are you PRACTICING, girlfriend?! *G*
It looks good! I wish I had half of your ability to get these things done! Some day I would like to learn how to write a book on watercolor. I haven't yet confronted even teaching a class, even though I've had a lot of people ask me to. My inexperience is a silly stopper for me...even though i have taught from my studio one-on-one.

I am just settling in to life again- working a lot at the xmas store to pay bills....so I have that relief of knowing I'll be able to anyway. But- time for art is scarce now.....
I hope I can work my way back to being a full-time artist,...have you ever had to work full time and NOT do art?

Congrats on your book! It looks beautifully done!
Sweetie, I HAVE to get things done, or not eat. It's just a job...much as I may enjoy it. It's still work.

You'd be a wonderful teacher! It is hard to jump in there, but one day you just decide to DO it. I waffled for quite a while before I jumped into doing workshops...more of a put toe in icewater than jumping in, actually. People are mostly delightful...there are always a few in a class that you wonder why they're there, but that's ok too. I don't take it personally.

Hmmmm...work full time and not do art. Well. Some of the "art jobs" I had didn't feel like doing art. Hallmark's litho-art department. Western Auto's ads. Assistant art director at a local TV station. Artist at an ad agency, ick. I've done janitorial work, too, when I had to, but that wasn't full time. I've done secretarial work, too, which is pretty much of a joke...but again, not full time. So I guess the answer is sort of no?

And thank you for the kind words on the book! I'm praying it will do well, it really was nicely designed!
Would you add me to your list of people who want to purchase a signed copy directly from you? Just send me a paypal invoice or an email with how much to send you by check any time.
I hope you have me signed up as one of the people who'd like to order a signed copy from you...unless that's too much trouble in which case I'll order from Amazon. Can't wait!