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September 2013



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Sleeping Merlin

Sleeping Merlin, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

More Merlins...I've gotten to the tan paper in my journal now...a lovely challenge, given Merlin's subtle coloring. The top one was a trick, since he was in such an odd position...just had to keep drawing what I saw in relationship to other shapes, and hope it would fall together somehow! His nose and little pink mouth were most prominent, and from that angle, just below his chin, it looked as if he had almost no forehead at all...I had to keep taking visual measurements, aligning this shape with that...

I'm fighting the blues again...guess I'm really missing Joseph, and making art helps.


Merlin looks like he's smiling. :) I love the cicada exoskeletons!
He looked that was in person, too! That's why I had to try to capture the expression...and thank you!


Such gorgeous drawings, Kate. E-J http://rose-anglaise.blogspot.com/
Thank you, E-J!
Missing you too, sweetness...
I know, babe. Sometimes it's just harder than others. This weekend has been SO not good, on general principles, missing you just made it harder.

Going out to the lake and sketching was just what the doctor ordered! I'll scan the new sketches tomorrow...
i am so in love with your cat! and i did a mental double-take when i saw the exoskeleton sketch. i had to take a beat to convince myself that it was not a giant flea attacking the cute kitty! okay, okay--i know i'm warped...too many years with too many pets, i reckon.
Isn't he a love?

And of COURSE you're warped, sweetie, that's why we love you!

I swear we've had fleas almost that big...


colored Pencils

When you use colored pencils in a sketchbook do you spray the finished page with a fixative?


Re: colored Pencils

Hi Christine...I haven't, no, but there are times when some of the color transfers to the facing page, so it sure wouldn't hurt!