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September 2013



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GuanYin at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, KCMO

It was lovely to be able to share my lifelong fascination with the Nelson's GuanYin with my new husband...he'd never quite "gotten it" till he stood there beside me in that hushed and peaceful place, the dim lighting glowing on the compassionate face of the Bodhisattva. The figure is seated against a gorgeous wall mural of muted colors, and in a room set off almost by itself...you feel as if you've entered a thousand year old temple on the other side of the world.

I sat on the floor and sketched, trying to capture something of the sense of peace and acceptance that I've always felt here...I am not a Buddhist, nor really very good at any non-Western thinking, but THIS figure, THIS GuanYin, has been part of my inner life since I was a schoolgirl, visiting with my classmates and suddenly reluctant to move away with the chattering herd of youngsters...


Amazingly so, it's a wonderful sculpture...and thank you!
This Guan Yin is one of the loveliest I have ever seen.

You should come see in person! It's truly amazing...
Where is she, exactly?
At the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, near the Plaza, in Kansas City, Missouri. The Nelson has an incredible collection of Eastern art...glorious stuff...
Thank you for the heads up. If I ever find myself in Kansas City again, I'll sure have a look. I haven't been to that city in years, but used to find it friendly and inviting.
I hope you do come, I'll meet you there! And yes, it's a lovely city, lots of trees and fountains...
i love this watercolor! :)
Thank you, Mei! You should see the sculpture, it's just amazing...
You've SO captured it! I'm speechless (and it's my favorite at the Nelson, too!).
Hi girl--yes, I knew it was, and that you and Paul visited there too. We were wishing we'd run into you! Thank you for the kind words...I didn't quite get the eyes, but in the end the act of being quiet with it and sketching was what was important.
I am mostly just a lurker here, but I have to commend you on this piece. It's astonishingly beautiful, and just leapt out of the page at me. Brava!
Well, thank you! It is a beautiful, beautiful sculpture and it seemed to fall together as I worked. Sheer serendipity!
Between Quan Yin and the giant Chinese Buddha in the stairwell, I don't know which I love spending time with more. The collection of Buddhist artwork there is astounding. I'm going to have to get back there now. : )

Oh, and very well done! : )
There's a marvelous show on RIGHT NOW (and of course through February 10) that you and Dana would love...http://www.nelson-atkins.org/art/Exhibitions/RisingDragon/index.cfm

And thank you!
I remembered your saying how much you liked this sculpture--thank you for the kind words on my drawing of it, Clarissa!


Absolutely delicious. Like tutti fruitti ice-cream, seductive, cool and hard to take your eyes off!
Tutti-frutti Guanyin! Love the simile, thank you...


So completely beautiful, I gasp as I look at it. And what gives it so much power, your illustration, I mean, is that your style here is so deeply, profoundly rooted in the Western tradition. This is what fusion is, in the best sense of the word.
Thank you, sweet Xoxalines! This IS rather Western, isn't it? Funny, I can still feel the influence of the Chinese watercolor painting class I took at the KCAI eons ago in how I handle my brush, but it doesn't show, much...I love the concept of fusion.

I love the serenity combined with the looseness and intense showing of light. Really lovely.
Thank you! The light in actuality was quite subdued...I think this captures something of my feelings, though...


This is captivating! I think your love of this particular subject definitely shows in your beautiful rendition, Kate.

Thank you, Serena, I believe you're right...the feeling does come through.
Since so many of us like this piece so much, how about
making some prints of it? I for one would buy several!!
LOL! Well, if I can find a place to do quality prints for not a lot of money, I may just do that, then...assuming that the Nelson-Atkins would allow it. I'd have to check...