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September 2013



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So Friday was a glorious day...a sketchcrawl with Maria Hodgins, visiting from Colorado. We were busy from just after noon till 10:30 that night, sketching, drawing, eating, sharing our journals, chatting...

Lovely fun!



Hi Kate

HI Kate! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your sheep! I also enjoyed reading through your blog - especially your piece on painting and pain. My husband was seriously ill about 13 years ago and I did alot of drawing and other art projects during that time. It really helped! I seem to forget that.... Good luck with your building project! Mary/Emma Pod

Re: Hi Kate

Hi Mary! I knew your name wasn't really Emma, but I couldn't remember what it WAS, sorry! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, and glad to hear painting and art helped you when your husband was ill. It really DOES keep us focused and even sometimes calms us.

The building project is agonizingly slow, with mostly just our contractor and me working on it, and lately just HIM other than my bits of cleaning! We've had a lot of volunteers in the early stages, but it's been months now...I need to put out a call again!*G*
oh, we loves us a sheepie! some day i want the luxury of going on one of the crawls with you. i promise not to be too noisy, and i will draw my very best stick figures for you!

and i wish i lived down the road so i could come over and help with the rehab. after all--tall swedes are made for hefting large loads of stuff! (and i learned how to tape a drywall when i was 14. it's like riding a bike--you never forget--and after a while, you can get pretty good at it!)
You come right ahead, sweetie! (I expect we have PLENTY to talk about, so don't worry about the noisy business...)

SOOOooo tired of dust... :-(



Here in NZ we have more sheeps than we know what to do with!

Personally, I am wanting goats, to eat the bramble in my section :-)

Thanks for your response to my tagging you -- actually, when I was in Tacoma, I had the only three dry days per year allotted to SeaTac ;-)

Spent part of June 1998 in Ireland -- what a shock! Rain and Cold; not Summer at all!

Nona, in New Zealand

Re: Sheeps

I used to have goats, too, Nona! I loved them, and miss them still, but OH MY they are a handful!! They can get out of almost any enclosure...

My new husband went to Ireland a few years ago in the summer and it rained the whole time...it was also during the Mad Cow Disease scare, so Ireland was pretty much closed...


Wonderful sheep! That's all you see when you drive around Ireland; sheep with black faces, usually with different colors painted on their sides. But the weather over there is basically always the same - rainy and mild.
No wonder the Irish have such beautiful skin!

And thank you, I really like sheep...I wish they had the black-faced ones at Watkins Mill...
Baaa! :D

Don't you love those perfect summer days?
OH yeah. This was just gorgeous...slightly cool, but crisp and clear...
Beautiful! Cute squirrel too.
Thank you! He was cute, he came practically right up to us, sitting on the ground sketching, before he realized we were...um, nuts.*G*