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September 2013



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Shower Plz


This has GOT to get easier soon...or anyway less filthy. I hate dust masks!!! Trying to breath fogs my glasses, and then I can't see what I'm working on...then I realize the problem is probably that my glasses are filmed with drywall dust and filth...

I know, whinge whinge...;-)

This morning much sweeping and shoveling of MORE plaster and lath, and MORE drywall dust, and picking up of trash and debris from the blown insulation mess. It's going to be wonderful, but I'm really ready to move into some of the FUN STUFF, please??

Shower is going to feel soooo fine.


Rehab pictures are here, now: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/

Here's a bit more of the current progress--top is the DR drywall finished once the insulation was blown in over the add-on kitchen and the bottom one is part of the LR cleanup, as much as I could with drywall buckets full of heavy stuff and big old full trash cans in the way:

Last of the library drywall

LR debris up...

But there is a LOT more of the insulation going in, etc. in the Flickr "House Rescue 101" album, above. (Our poor contractor had two days of machines screwing up and trying everything he could think of...)

Shower. NOW...


I can has shower?
TOMORROW!! :-)))
thanks for the comment Kate. Wish I had some time to watercolor. I'll be doing a number of firefighter paintings soon. Am just trying to breathe right now.
Love this rehab stuff. It looks so exciting.
I hope the breathing is getting a little easier! Sounds like it...

And yes, the rehab stuff is finally getting to a fun stage!