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September 2013



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New Watercolor Magic article!

OK, then! My lovely webmistress, Sonya at http://morgansites.com put the PDF up on my website, here: http://cathyjohnson.info, or you can click on it directly, here http://www.cathyjohnson.info/WCM_Creativity.pdf

I hope you enjoy it--my thanks go to Sarah Strickley, Sonya Morgan, plus Aisling and Clarissa!

I am so delighted they used the portrait of my buddy Kevin--I'll admit, thought that his hair is really red and his jacket was green--I simplified to this more subtle effect:

The Flute Player

But you still need the December 2007 issue of Watercolor Magic, of course, because there is a LOT of other wonderful stuff in it!


So much tenderness!

It is simply BEAUTIFUL!
So much tenderness, from the artist for his model, and from the musician for his instrument!
I saw this painting by accident, kind of, and I simply had to tell you how I admire it! I had no idea how to do it, so I just signed up by livejournal, just to be able to write this to you...

Re: So much tenderness!

Miki, I'm honored! Thank you very much...yes, this is a very old friend of mine, and a wonderful musician. I've painted him a number of times, he's got such a quintessential Irish face...he's a wonderfully good man, and it shows.


Hi Kate! I have so much enjoyed your posts on AJ Marketing, so I'm tagging you! Come to my blog to see what to do!
Cheers, Nona, in New Zealand
Hi Nona--I enjoy your posts too, thank you!

I just don't have time to do this one again, sorry! I've been tagged before on this one, and here are the 7 things, if you're interested: http://katequicksilvr.livejournal.com/tag/7+secrets

I usually don't tag people 'cause I'm afraid they're as busy as I am, but I don't mind being tagged, at all. If I have time, I do it, and if not I just apologize and get back to what I'm doing. ;-)