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September 2013



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Linking to a PDF?

Does anyone know how to do this?  I did it once before, ages ago, but I've forgotten how, now. 

My lovely managing editor Sarah Strickley at Watercolor Magic offered a PDF of the latest article in the magazine to share with you, and I'm not sure how to link to it or put it up...
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Are you putting at your own website? If so, upload it to your site via FTP.

Then, the link will be http://www.yoursite.com/filename.pdf (Changing the obvious stuff, of course.)

When someone clicks on the link, their computer will "see" the .pdf extension and automatically ask the person if they want to open it with Adobe or save it to their hard drive.

I hope that made sense... If not, holler.
Hmmm...yes, it made perfect sense, but I wasn't planning on putting it on my site.*rg* Maybe I can get my webmistress to put it up somewhere, and then I can link like that. (Duh. I am such a maroon about this stuff! I was trying to do as you suggested in the private email about links to Amazon, and discovered I don't even know my user ID to plug in there, and couldn't find anyplace in their help section to ASK. For some reason they wouldn't let me log in, though I was already in under the ID I had, and I had to change my password--and then IT didn't work. I threw up my hands in disgust last night and watched a movie!*G*)
Thank you! I hadn't heard of that site, sounds handy! My webmistress got it up on my website already, or I'd give it a try...
Well, if you know the URL of it, then you can use the link that I suggested, but link to someone else's site. If it's not online at all, then yes, ask the webmistress to add it.

The Amazon thing... it's been one heck of a Mercury retrograde so far! Wait a day and see if things improve. Lots of turbulence right now!
I forgot about a Mercury retrograde! *G*

And nope, she just sent me a PDF, not a URL...but my webmistress put it up at http://cathyjohnson.info so I was able to link to that! Thanks, girl!