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September 2013



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Very interesting...more whispers from the Universe...

So yesterday I was feeling down--and later, talking to my husband, I was able to put my finger, mostly, on why, and talk through it, as I mentioned.  It's still a bit sticky, but he helped me to feel much, much better about it...

And today, out of the blue, I got a post from someone who had been touched by an article I wrote for Watercolor Magic two years ago, now...Painting Through Pain, the 28th in a series in my old column on Creativity.  I got an incredible response from that one article...I wrote about the things I'd been through in my life, including the loss of my husband of 32 years, and the solace, calming, and distance I was able to receive from continuing to make art despite all.  There was no Pollyanna stuff there...and I was a bit nervous about it, frankly. 

I DO believe it's important to make art no matter what, and a great tool for healing, but...I felt exposed and vulnerable. 

Well, in allowing myself to BE vulnerable, to be human, I helped more people than I could have imagined.  The magazine said they got more letters and emails from that one article than from anything else in years.  As did I.  And still, two years later.

It's humbling and eye-opening, and synchronous as well, reminding me that it is all right to be vulnerable, and human.  My life is not perfect.  I am not perfect.  I've not meant to give that impression, but...I do sugarcoat, or simply not write when things aren't going well. 

"Tra-la" isn't realistic, though, is it...


very beautiful
Thank you, Bruce. You've always been touchingly honest in your work and words...it makes a difference.


Pollyanna? No, I don't think so. . . .

. . . I would definitely say upbeat, but you're not shy about sharing when things go wrong. Like the recent theft you're dealing with. Maybe it's because your friend knows you better than those of us in cyberspace?

I didn't read the working through pain article you refer to, but I have recently been dealing with some serious health issues two family members are going through. I decided that since my life showed no signs of returning to anything resembling normal that I would "paint through it". Where do you think I got that idea from, Kate? Hmmmmm. . . .

Also, this past weekend, I persuaded my DH to go with my to a state park nearby that he'd never gone to (due to the situation above). Think he thought I'd lost it for sure! Had a wonderful time - it was quiet (for the most part), serene, and best of all it helped to heal some of the wearing on our souls. And I ask again, where do you think that idea came from?!

Be yourself, Kate, you have no idea of the lives you touch and enrich through your blog, articles, and books. And thank you. What you do makes a difference. That's all any of us can hope for.


Re: Pollyanna? No, I don't think so. . . .

Laure, you made me cry. Thank you.

I don't think anything heals my soul quite as well as being in nature, responding to it in some way. I'm so glad it helped both of you as well.


Re: Pollyanna? No, I don't think so. . . .

No need for tears, just wanted to make sure you're aware of some of the ways you touch lives.
One of my favorite analagies is the dropping of a pebble in the pond and the rings that go out from the pebble. They bounce back from the shore towards the middle. Each ring representing how a person(s) were touched and rings bouncing back were because of the touched persons' actions/behaviors touching someone else.

That's the way it works, but we seldom get a glimpse of the workings of such. You drop more pebbles than you realize, Kate!

Again, thank you! ~ Laure

Re: Pollyanna? No, I don't think so. . . .

You've given me a lot to think about...and no, I guess I really hadn't thought about it in that way. I knew one specific article had touched more people than I expected but hadn't thought all that much about the other...

I do love the concept of the ripples spreading though...years ago, when I was barely out of school, someone gave me a chance when I was looking for a job and couldn't find one because I didn't have experience in the field. He gave me the experience and told me I could use his name as a reference. I asked what I owed him for his help, and all he said was "just pass it on, when you get the chance." So, I have. For 40 years...and I've always remembered his kindness to this brash little wet-behind-the-ears artist.

Re: Pollyanna? No, I don't think so. . . .

Hear hear. *hugs Kate*

Re: Pollyanna? No, I don't think so. . . .

LOL! Well, thank you!


from lin


I find that a big smile, a cherry attitude often camoflages (sp?) a ton of pain ... that folks aren't ever really Pollyana though they keep trying to be despite it all... we rarely can know the depth of pain people carry around with them ... and maybe that's good -- I don't know -- but I've come to respect and suspect that those with the widest grins, the best joviality, the kindest hearts .. are those who have walked the kitchens of hades and have emerged, singed and scared, from the other side, and yet DARE, despite it all, to be vulnerable, kind, and yes, to smile and HOPE for optimism....

Much love, cara.

Re: from lin

Miss Lin, you are a pearl beyond price. I think you're quite often right...

The young woman I spent some time with over the weekend illustrates that beautifully...she's gone through things that would break a lesser person, but she just sparkles. Very, very special...
Painting Through Pain

I'd love to read that. Do you have a link to any online version of that column?
I don't think so, Natalie, but I might post it here, at least the original version. I'll try to dig it out tomorrow...
Well, I would appreciate that but real life comes first, okay? *hugs*
I have to get into that file folder today anyway, Natalie, so no biggie! Thanks for being so understanding though...


Kate, Painting through Pain was the first article of yours I ever read. It also was from that article that I found YOU! At the end of the article was the web address for your online classes. I can't believe it's been two years. Oh my YES! you certainly do touch more lives in more ways than you realize!!
Hello, Miss Brenda! My goodness...it IS a small world, isn't it? Well, I'm delighted you read it, then! You touch a lot of lives, too, mine included...
heh. I get so tired of writing about the struggles, and the pain, I just quit writing about it! You never seemed to me to be coming off as perfect....just very lovable and human, and talented.

Re-miiiiind you of anyone....? lol
You betcha, chica!

I didn't think I sounded like my life was all that perfect either...maybe my buddy just read SOME of the entries.*G* She's gone through hell this past year or so, so maybe anyone's life looks a lot better, at the moment...

She's strong, though, and she's coming out the other side. Gotta be up from there...