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September 2013



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So in the interests of dispelling the Pollyanna image...

...over the weekend, at the sketchcrawl (poorly attended as usual), I chatted with an old friend and former student (and alas, while she was there someone backed into her car!  Auuuugh...).  She told me my blog always sounds so positive and upbeat and as if my life is SO perfect.


(I asked her if that included the October 2 post when I was flaming angry about the break-in and theft at Joseph's house...she'd forgotten that. *G* I was ready to rip someone's head off, if I could have laid hands on them.  We are STILL dealing with the fallout on that one, and it TICKS ME OFF--I just picked up the police report today, and we still have to deal with insurance and replacing the plumbing.  With plastic this time, because why tempt the thieves to return and help themselves again??  We have to do something about the back door, and an alarm system or motion detector.  No...like Queen Victoria, "we are not amused.")

But hey, like anyone else, I have ups and downs.  I get tired.  I have the blues.

Yesterday, I felt marvelous.  I painted, I drew, I walked in the woods.  The weather was so perfect by afternoon that I didn't even mind that I hadn't taken drugs for my knees, or packed anything to eat.  I was starved by the time I got home, but it didn't matter.  I was just in a great mood.  HAPPY.

Today?  Not so much.  No reason, other than buried in work that I really need to get finished, and it's a cold, gray, dreary day.

But those things don't really have anything to do with it.  I LIKE cloudy days, and wind, and cool weather.  I'm normally a workaholic.  I LIKE my work.  Usually.

So.  I have the blues.  I just don't feel like anybody really wants to read about it.  Boo hoo, for Pete's sake.

You know what, though?  My lovely husband just called and talked me through most of what was bothering me.  I'm really glad I married him...everybody ought to have a knight!


it is such a relief in life to have someone who really cares about what's going on inside. not the casual"how are you?" kind of friend--but someone who senses things, sometimes even before we realize them ourselves. and to have the person as a spouse makes the world a whole lot better. best thing is that they know enough to leave us alone when we need that, too, or just offer up a shoulder to lean on, or arm around us to give support when there are no words.

yeah. a knight should be mandatory.
Absolutely. The world would be a whole lot better place.

I am so abundantly sick of the whole "battle of the sexes" men-and-women-will-never-understand-eachother BS. That was part of what was bugging me, in fact, once more having been told that in no uncertain terms.

Yes, we each have our own strengths and our own weaknesses, and hooray for the differences--but to assume we can't communicate, can't understand? Well, Joseph and I can, and do, and I thank God for it.
Men are from earth.
Women are from earth.
Deal with it. *G*

And yes, I thank God that I have someone who hears my heart, not just my words...
Not only do I deal with it, sweet thing, but I LOVE it. *G* (So why didn't I get a LJ note telling me you'd responded to this?!?!)

I love your heart, Joseph...as that wonderful song Molly sings for us goes, I can hear your heartbeat from a thousand miles...


Sweet Kate,
I'm so sorry you're having a blue day. But, you're right, they come to all of us and they have their own value, though it doesn't seem so when you're smack in the middle of them.
Try this for an antidote and I know it will sound weird: pick up your copy of 'Painting Watercolors' by Cathy Johnson. Open to the page on Settling Colors. Or Shiny Things. Or the painting across from Chapter Four. Look at all that life, talent, joy, color, shape, movement. That should make you very happy. It makes me happy to look at those pages and all others in the book even though, unlike you, I didn't write and illustrate it!
I think I not only figured out the main part of my depression, but how to deal with that particular one--with Joseph's help and with the aid of more synchronicity from the Universe, thank you, Miss Xoxaline...

And you dear, dear woman and dear friend...usually my own work makes me happy while I'm DOING it, but sometimes I can't see it, later. (Unless it's something I really like a lot, like one of the Joseph-sleeping drawings from this summer, then I go back to it again and again, or something that reminds me of a special moment.)

(Now I'll have to dig out that book! *G*)