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September 2013



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Filling a local need, I hope...

Birthday card, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...when I helped out at the Elms Resort and Conference Center on Saturday, they asked if I'd be able to supply them with cards for their gift shop...people often forget an occasion and need a card. Soooo...knowing how lovely I feel when someone takes the time to send me a card, I thought why not?

The Elms is lovely to support local artists, craftsmen, and shops, and I enjoy spending time there...I've painted and sketched the hotel itself dozens of times over the years, and used to work for them on a freelance basis. I did watercolor workshops there for 9 years. Longtime relationship, and I hope this will be a continuation of that good feeling.

I'm not sure if this is getting sidetracked from where I started this morning or fulfilling part of the synchronicity, but when I get excited about a project I tend to go full speed ahead. I designed 17 new cards, with more to come! (Couldn't find my scanned art of the Elms' little wishing well, and HAVE to include it when I find it!)

Anyway, they'll be available locally as well as in my Cafe Press store, here: http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson

Let me know what you think, please?


Thanks, Natalie! I'm having WAY too much fun. I love designing...


from lin

I LOVE these Kate!! I can't tell you how I enjoy artworked greeting cards -- they're so much more personal and some can even be framed --!!!! GREAT IDEA!

Re: from lin

Thanks, Miss Lin! I hope they offer another little avenue for people to have art available, and a little more income wouldn't hurt my feelings any, either!

I'm looking for a good company to make prints, but CafePress so far just offers framed ones. People sort of like to choose their own framing!
i love little pieces of art like this. i think you've got another winner, kate! i'll be poking around cafe press to see what's new, soon--this will be great!

i still want to be kate when i grow up....
Hi sweetie! I'm glad CafePress went to offering individual cards--I had some designs that worked as singles, but I couldn't really imagine someone wanting 6 of them. *G*

And who said anything about growing up?? *G*


I absolutely LOVE all of these cards!! Who needs photoshop 6 when you can do such cool things with version 2! LOl! Sounds like a wonderful little market to tap into and one that will be fun for you, too.
Hi Brenda! That's sort of how I feel, too--PSE 2 can do some amazing stuff! I'm just scratching the surface...I've forgotten how to do some of the neat things we learned in class, I need to get my lessons back out! (I took two or three classes before I dropped out of that last one...)

We'll see how it goes...I ordered some of the first batch so I can check for quality control. I'm just delighted that CafePress started offering individual cards!