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September 2013



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Synchronicity has a way of getting my attention...

When the Universe taps me on the shoulder, I pay attention.

Nona Parry passed along a couple of websites on honorable marketing on my AJMarketing Yahoogroup at   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AJmarketing/  --Mark Silver's at http://www.heartofbusiness.com/ and Molly Gordon's, at http://www.mollygordon.com/press.html , just a day or two ago.  Yesterday my dear friend Susan at http://scandinavian-country.com  was telling me about a marketing site she'd found, and I was able to pass these two along to her, as well.  Synchronicity!

I also sent her Alyson B. Stanfield's site, http://www.artbizblog.com/ which I've found full of good advice and encouragement for artists, especially.

Yesterday Joseph and I were discussing what we'd do on his next visit and he suggested a trip to The Big City--that would be Kansas City, here.  I agreed, and told him we could visit the Nelson Atkins Museum, and he could see the incredible statue of Quan Yin there.  The presence, the beauty, the scent of antiquity, the calm gaze of that statue has captured my imagination since I was just a kid...visit here: http://www.nelson-atkins.org/art/CollectionDatabase.cfm?id=597&theme=China

Last night, I'd felt the need for some quiet time with my old cat, Oliver, who is feeling a bit terrorized by the new addition, Merlin the Mad Kitten.  Oliver likes to sit on my lap and be groomed while I watch movies, which I seldom do, but this time I decided we could both use the downtime.  I went to look for a DVD, and knocked off the whole messy, tippy stack!

On top of the first batch I picked up--it had been near the middle--was The Last Samurai, which I had bought months ago and never watched--I forgot I had it.  It looked good, and it's new to me, so we plugged it in.  I LOVED it...and there in the temple built by the Samurai lord's ancestors was a Quan Yin very similar to the one I've known since childhood.  A chill chased down my back at that bit of synchronicity.

I was taken, again, by the discipline and deliberation of the Eastern way of life...it's something I admire but seem to miss by a country mile.  I am chaotic, frenetic, and oh, so messy...I try to "be here now," as Ram Dass said, and I DO find that sketching helps me be more present to my life. 

As I wrote just yesterday, that is essential to my calming and creative attention.  On paper, in my sketchbook or on a sheet of watercolor paper, I AM disciplined...more or less...

More synchronicity...

There was also much attention to honor, in the movie...something I fell in love with my knight because of, his amazing and inspiring honor, all too rare these days.  And now I realize it ties to the idea of honor and even spirituality that can go hand in hand with marketing and making a living from your work, as explored in the websites above...synchronicity.

After watching the movie I was very much aware of my milieu, my mess, my lack of attention, my chaos...always dashing from one thing to another, seldom stopping for more than the absolutely necessary cleaning or organizing (dishes, laundry, cleaning the kitchen stove before it catches fire, and dealing with litter pans and recycle, that's about it, for me...other than that, I work.)  I straightened some, before bed, and vowed, with the morning, that I would begin again, to be more conscious of what I do, at that moment, and the chaos surrounding me.

This morning, my friend Dennis woke me--I stayed up late watching the movie, and then reading.  I told him what I'd watched last night, and he said he had just watched Nova's special...on Samurai swords and their makers.  Synchronicity...

When I turned on the computer and found my LJ comments, there was one from Nona, about how she, too, has a late husband and a new one she loves to draw, as I draw my Joseph...I responded, then went to visit her blog at http://nonasart.blogspot.com

She talked about the recent death of her father, which caused me to write her...I still miss my dad, after thirty years, and remember so MUCH about him.  I told her that my dear friend Patti, who was to meet up with me this week for a visit to celebrate both our birthdays, just lost her dad unexpectedly, at 90, during her visit...and that you always lose a part of yourself when you lose a parent or husband--or anyone close.  You lose the person you were to THEM, and only them.

I scrolled down through her entries and found her posts on de-cluttering her art space, and how Vickie Enkoff had inspired her to do so...Vickie was a wonderful person who passed away this year, an inspiration to many of us, and a valued and encouraging member of our AJ Marketing group, as well as one of our co-moderators, as I was at the time.   (I'm group owner now...)

So synchronicity  came full circle for me...AJMarketing, earning one's living, honor, creativity, life, death, order, attention...

I'm listening. 



...I so enjoyed that post!
If you stop for a moment and silence your mind it's amazing how clear life's whispers become....but you have to stop!
I guess it's a little like moving away from the easel regulary to check your work ;)
I agree...The Last Samurai is an awesome film.
Thank you! Yes, being quiet and staying open to the whispers really DOES help, whether you use prayer, meditation, or just quiet openness.

There were actually a few more things in the last few days but I hit the highlights, for me...

A lot of layers in that film...and it was beautifully presented.


Not only are you listening, but you're writing---and beautifully. It's posts like this one (well, it's every ONE of your posts) that tell me why I admire you and cherish our friendship. You're a thoughtful, loving, intelligent, sensitive, spiritual (and immensely talented) woman.
Love you, Miss Kate.
(I guess it should now be Mrs. Kate?) ;D
I love you too, sweet Xoxa. I love having friends like you! (I'm blushing though...)

Don't you find that synchronicity is just astounding, sometimes? There were more examples but that was enough.

And hey, it's a Southern thing...you stay Miss whoever, forever.*G* Or so my "baby brother" from Georgia tells me...
I haven't been there in ages, but I'm anxious to see it again...it really is simple and dramatic and peaceful...