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September 2013



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Creating Nature in Watercolor--my advance copy arrived!

Well, I THOUGHT I was almost too tired to care about much, but nooooo...I got the advance copy of the new book in the mail (my copy's hardcover, but I think the trade copies are paperback) and I got ALL excited to look all through it! Lots of acknowledgments and thank-yous, first and foremost to my new husband, Joseph! He helped me with every step of this one...my knight, as always.

Creating Nature in Watercolor

Thanks go to my editors and designers, of course...both Vanessa Lyman and Mary Burzlaff were just great--I've been truly blessed with my North Light editors over my 20+ years with the company. But there are lots of other thanks due, too...my family, my friends...no one does a book all alone in a vacuum.

This is the rest of the above demo, when Joseph and I were camping in the Poconos last summer...a beautiful, primeval spot. 

Hmmm...now I'm all amazingly energized...

Creating Nature in Watercolor--my advance copy!


congratulations! How cool is this?
Thank you! I hope REALLY cool!
Thank you! It was a LOT of work!! (And a lot of fun, too, I'll admit...)
YAY!!!!! (and now i am experiencing book lust....)
Oh dear. I'm so sorry...

...not. :-P


Book note

I salute your ability to make a business out of your passion. I would be "energized", too. Congratulations and kudos are in order!
But, the question remains: "is the renovation completed?!" If not...sorry...back to reality(!).
Thanks from someone who appreciates your web presence. It has a positive affect on my work.

Re: Book note

Hi Rock, and thanks for the kind words.

Actually that's a real tightrope--I have to make a living with what I love, and I am VERY grateful that I do, but sometimes I tend to turn everything into work! That's one reason I work in my journal so much...it has to be for me, for relaxation and practice. (And yes, I've scanned some things and they DO end up in the books, but mostly that's secondary. They're not "illustrations"!)

And oh my no, not even close, though we're making progress again! My contractor had to take off quite a bit of time to work another job, but we're almost back to full time focus again. As soon as I finish the class I'm teaching I can give it more attention, too...

Here's where we stand on the project as of this morning: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/ Beginning to look like it might be habitable someday...


Re: Book note

I totally 'get' what you are saying. As a renovation contractor, I enjoy the creative aspects of my occupation...but, my own house doesn't always get the benefit of my expertise!
As you are inferring, one sometimes needs some space away from the specifics of what they love in work. (In a convoluted way, this is what I was inferring when I myopically wrote that if your renovation is not complete: back to reality!...only, I might not have put it together: that your renovation work next door might be your respite from your art/work (notwithstanding the current theft)...and, for me, it's the other way around!)
Again, good luck with your publication.

Re: Book note

Thank you! I think I'm mildly confused...*G*

Sometimes I like to do renovation work--depends on the kind, I think. Right now it's stripping woodwork, UGH, and sanding drywall, neither of which I like much at all!


This book looks awesome!! Congratulations...

From, Judy Bec Lobos.... I'm currently in your online watercolor textures class...I know you deserve a rest but I hope the class never ends!! : ) Just kidding! I am really enjoying it and wanted you to know.
Thank you SO much, Judy! I hope you enjoy the book, if you get it, and truthfully, I'm delighted you're obviously getting so much out of the class. I know if you stay on in the alumni list you'll find it wonderfully helpful as well!

But I am sooooo ready to move on to other things for a while! Teaching takes a tremendous amount out of me!*G*


What a goodie!

This will of course be on the wish-list... Looks like you have done a marvelous job on it, I´m looking forward to browsing it in reality!
/nina j

Re: What a goodie!

Hi Nina! Thank you--they really did a fun job of designing and editing it, too...it's always so much fun to see what we all end up with!


New Book

Can't wait for the book! Please let us know when it will begin selling! It looks just gorgeous! Thanks for showing us a preview!

Nancy Patterson
Former On-line W/C student

Re: New Book

Hi Nancy! As far as I know, release date is still some time in November--we're just getting the advance copies now. And you're welcome!
The painting in that demo is heart-breakingly beautiful. I love the cover too and can't wait for your announcement that signed copies are available! I will treasure this book as I do all your others that I proudly own, full of post-it notes marking important pages.
I'm honored, sweet thing!

And that really was a special day...

New Book

This book looks so appealing and the subject matter is perfect! November is not far away, and just in time to place my orders for Christmas! Congratulations on your achievement! :D

Re: New Book

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it!