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September 2013



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Birgitte at the Elms

Birgitte at the Elms, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

So, my weekend didn't go exactly as planned...

It was the fall Wine and Jazz Fest at the Elms Resort and Conference Center, the 7th one...I'd planned to go and relax, and sketch the musicians, like I did last year. I like to sit right up front, so I can really see...last year they had chairs handy, and it was lovely. Laughing and chatting with old buddies and fellow music lovers, Kevin and Ken...

But my darling friend Susan called me about 1 asking if I could PLEASE bring down some of my jewelry, that they only had 3 vendors, no one was willing or able to work the ticket booth, her mom and she had thrown some things together from the shop and were going to have an impromptu booth and they'd mind my table, if I'd set up next to them.

How could I refuse?! Susan gave me a free ticket, which unfortunately had only gotten to the merchants the day before ($15 if you bought them ahead of time, $20 at the door), so not many sold ahead of time...)

I had jewelry from the website and from my eBay ID, katestreasures, so I got out a mixed sampling, cut and attached price tags, ran by the gallery to pick up another batch of jewelry and my display case, found some printed handouts, priced some of my CDs, and ran for the Elms!

I always enjoy being with Jytte and Susan, and there was no WAY I was going to leave Jytte to handle this all by herself--Susan had to keep the shop open till closing time and planned to come over with Birgitte as soon as she could get there, so I just decided I'd stay and paint what I could see from the booth.

Wine and Jazz Festival, '07

The Elms' people were so grateful that I showed up at virtually the last minute that they were wonderfully gracious, helping me carry and set up and all--I made serious brownie points with 'em! ;-)

The music was lovely as always, but I didn't get close enough to sketch till way too late in the day--it was getting dark, and this year there was no place to sit, close...oh well...

MUCH fun sketching Birgitte, earlier...she's getting big!

Anyway, here it was October 7, and it was HOT and STICKY...not much breeze, so we were all just wrung out by the end of the day. I came home, took a cool shower, and collapsed into bed with an iced drink! I don't think i got much more done yesterday besides writing and posting the last lesson in this class session...

...it's been a wonderful group of students, but I am SO FRIED I can't wait to be done. I try not to work weekends--7 days a week is TOO MUCH--but I find myself doing at least some every weekend--answering posts, looking at artwork.

Still tired from the wedding, too, I guess...really anxious to just kick back and breathe for a bit...