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September 2013



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New Flickr URL for the house rescue project...

...as well as the rest of my stuff that was up on Yahoo's albums-- http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/

This includes pictures of where the pipes USED to be...grrrrr...as well as the fixtures that were stolen, so getting prints of the photos to give to the police and Joseph's insurance company.

I had a hard time going to sleep last night, worrying that they might be back, listening for strange noises.  I remember one night while Joseph was here, he thought he heard a door slam next door...I'm wondering if that was them kicking in the back door or going out the window and letting it slam...

This morning I went over and shoveled up another 55 gallons of filth--plaster, broken lath, old insulation, trash (nothing to take photos of!)--and I was SO tired that I just picked my cell phone and the camera, locked the house, and walked home...where I discovered that I had, of course, locked the HOUSE KEYS in. 

Fortunately my dear friends across the street keep a house key for me, for when I'm out of town and they take care of my mail and cats!  When I went to see Joseph in June I'd even gotten them one of the rehab's keys, so I was able go get them to let myself back in and retrieve the keys!  (Wish I'd remembered to pick up the remaining light fixture though...J. didn't like them, anyway, so I need to take it back.  Nuts.)

I think Mark's probably going to paint first, though, so won't be getting fixtures up for a bit.  We still need to sand the drywall and do a little texturing before painting--unless I am too tired and just say fogeddaboudit. 

The house looks BIG when you think of texturing 6 rooms by hand...


Paint colors and light fixtures...it sounds like you're getting to the fun part! What paint colors are you thinking of?
It doesn't QUITE feel like the fun stuff yet, but that's right around the corner. I want to see the pretty woodwork up again, it's all the original Victorian--unfortunately with multiple layers of paint and poor condition...

For now will probably go with linen white, a nice warm reflective white that looks great with art on it. When he gets moved here, maybe do some more colorful stuff. He wants a tropical bathroom--found a light fixture that really makes him laugh, with palm trees and monkeys, so what the heck! Otherwise I'm doing some gentle whining about what's appropriate to the house, but hey, if the man wants to spend time in a tropical spa bathroom, he needs to be able to DO that.:-)
What kind of texturing are you talking about? That doesn't sound like fun... I prefer plain flat walls and ceilings anyway. Don't even get me STARTED on popcorn ceilings, but I'm sure that's not what you're talking about...

There are some interesting textural techniques out there using paint plus stuff like sand. Don't know much about 'em, but have seen ads for demos at Home Depot. That might be something you could put directly on the drywall, after priming.
I just wanted a slight, subtle all-over plaster texture. I did something similar in my bathroom and love it. REALLY don't much like the texture they did in the rest of my house...they splattered on drywall mud and then flattened the blobs. Ick.

Um no, no popcorn ceilings. :-) And hey, that's a good thought, thanks. May have Mark spray the first layer, as primer, then do something...
Ah, I've seen that effect! Can be very nice. Maybe just texture in one room, if it seems like too much work to do them all?
Or maybe the two front "gallery rooms"...good idea!