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September 2013



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Oh, SO angry!!

Someone broke into Joseph's house next door last night--our rehab project--and stole every BIT of copper pipe, the new, yet-to-be-installed ceiling fan, the fixture intended for the kitchen, and kicked in the back door.  Right next DOOR to me.  I just want to rip faces off!

The policewoman asked me if I'd be willing to testify, when they catch up with these people.  OH YOU BET.  In a heartbeat.  My sweetheart works HARD for that money, and I won't put up with someone ripping him off just because they can.

We're all involved in dealing with police reports and insurance now...SO angry. 

Hard for me to understand people like that...even after living next door to some prime examples for close to ten years.  We WILL bring back this neighborhood, but it's setbacks like this that make me long to ask Santa for a rocket launcher again...

NOTE: In trying to document all this in photos for the insurance company and police report, I discover that we've had TWO break-ins.  The photo I shot of new new kitchen fixture, now stolen, clearly shows the copper pipe was gone, by then.  The last clear photo I can find that shows it was in July, but I know it was there in early September, because I shoveled up all that brick and was trying not to damage them.  You just don't think to take photos of everything, and I hadn't been to the disgusting basement for a while!  So RATS.  Twice.  Not happy here...


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that is SO horrible, I am so sorry!!!! I hope they catch the bastards soon. I'm glad you weren't physically hurt though.
Thanks, sweetie...yes, I'm glad too. I feel kind of jumpy, knowing this was so close and I was home, but I swear I am more angry than jumpy.
Oh, I do TOO. And yes, I'm really fine, though kind of weirded out by all this going on right next door to me, maybe 12 feet from my bedroom window. It makes me jumpy!

Just authorized a security light for the back of both houses!

And thank you, I love it too, it was fun to make last night!
You need a minefield around his place and/or a guard-dog! I am *so* sorry! Not what you needed for your birthday! *hugs*
Siiiigh...thanks, Natalie. No, not really how I'd planned to spend the day, taking photos, documenting loss and damage, and dealing with the police and insurance!

Of course now they're calling for severe weather with the possibility of large hail, so not exactly walk-in-the-woods weather. :-(
Hi Judy...well, really it's a lot better since the people who used to occupy that house left! FAR fewer calls to the police.

Actually, they're doing this all over town, where there are rehabs or building projects. Copper's so expensive now, you almost count yourself lucky to keep yours. Some houses they've torn all the new wiring out of the walls!
Copper theft is getting bad everywhere, it seems. One of my coworkers had her rental broken into and they stole every inch of copper piping--thankfully the water was turned off!

It's ridiculous.

I'm so glad you're okay, though!
YIPE. Well, I guess it could be a lot worse, yes! And thank you, sweetie, me too!
Oh, and just what you needed on your birthday, too! (Happy birthday! Notice how I snuck that in there?) I've heard about people stealing copper a lot lately -- I guess it's the new big thing.

Is there any chance of getting any of the stuff back?
Yeah, not how I'd planned to spend my day!

I don't know...as I'm looking at the rehab photos, I've just realized we've had TWO break-ins. The copper pipes weren't coming up through the floor when I took the photo of the fixture in the kitchen for Joseph...so going all through the rehab set to see if I can find when the last time I caught them in a shot was...

Hard to tell, about getting things back...not likely.
happy birthday, sweetie! and i wish for you that they catch these buggers, and that iyou get the chance to help nail them! i'm so sorry that people are stupid. so much in life could be made better if folks just took a minute to think. they never stop to appreciate the ripple effect, i guess...they only focus on themselves.

i hope it doesn't repeat itself!
Thank you girl! And OH I do hope I get to help nail them! It already has repeated itself, I'm afraid...I'm thinking now there are TWO sets of creeps out there, or set one returned to take the fixtures. I realized when I dug out the photo of the kitchen fixture I took for Joseph the other day that the copper pipes intended for the sink weren't there, then. So NO real idea when they broke in and took the copper...



OH KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERCY UPON MERCY .... I AM SO SO SORRRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY THE bbbbbbssss ROT IN HADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: OH NO!!

I'm not exactly thrilled with them, either, Miss LIn!
Thanks, girl, it's being a pain, that's for sure! Waiting for the officer to bring the report so Joseph can start dealing with his insurance company...


Hi ya Kate,

Belated congratulations, I have a few bottles of a little something from the Caribbean for you two when I see you next.

Copper price has gone through the roof so individuals are trying to capitalize on it. We had a case where one member of the street gentry decided to help himself to some copper wire. Unfortunately, that bunch of wire was inside a transformer which was still hooked up to the grid. The thief was still there when the local law enforcement arrived to check out the report of the explosion.

Dr. Mike
Hi sweetie! Yummy, thank you!

And OH, that is a PERFECT story...talk about just desserts...
My goodness, with people living there?!? Here, at least, they're mostly hitting new construction and rehabs with no one there. Still makes me good and mad...

Thanks for your kind words!


My grandma used to say "madder than a wet hen" too -- I had forgotten about that! I am so very sorry this has happened to you, I certainly hope the lowlifes get caught and SOON! Yep, a rocket launcher from Santa would be good or maybe a nice double barrel.
A double barrel might be too tempting! And yes, I hope they're caught, too! People like that make me crazy...as if they have the right to anything they want!
Damn those thieves!
They have even taken to stealing multi-ton sculptures to melt them down for scrap.
Perhaps opt for PVC and PEX plumbing. We wanted copper too but being out on our 5 acres, it would be too easy for someone to come and strip out the pipe so the sewage and vents are PVC and the actual indoor plumbing is done with flexible PEX tubing which is wonderful! The system runs the hot and cold water to a central distribution thing called a maniblock which is like an electrical panel for water. If you need to turn off any supply, you can do it from the maniblock without shutting off water anywhere else! And there's no welding. You slip the tubing over couplings and then crimp down a ring with a crimping tool. Very fast and very easy to run all the lines very quickly.
I hope thing go better with the rehab!
On a happier note, happy belated birthday.
Thanks, Madeline, that may be what he does...oh, MAN, stealing sculptures would really be awful! Talk about feeling violated...

And thank you, the birthday turned out delightfully at the very last!


I'm so sorry to hear that, Kate. There is nothing more frustrating - I had no idea that people would steal pipes right out of a home. No wonder everyone uses pvc these days. I wonder if someone who'd worked on or visited the site tipped them off?
Hi Casey...I'm afraid it's happened a lot around here. Well, it's possible, but obvious that we're rehabbing the place. It still looks quite empty, and there are construction materials around in the back. Wouldn't have to be a walk-through...though suspiciously enough there WAS one, day before yesterday. I'm trying NOT to jump to conclusions...


Photos of copper damage?

This will seem like a odd request, but can you send me a copy of the photo showing the damage caused by the theft of the copper tube?


This "snipping" trend has really done a number on many homeowners and businesses.

Re: Photos of copper damage?

Mike, do you mean the one where they snipped the pipe? The rest is just gone, and empty hangers. You can see them ALL here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/ along with the whole rehab project...
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