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September 2013



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Screen capture? And photo printing online?

Time being short, I sent out an Evite.com invitation for the wedding...of course I had to customize it!  I used background that meant something to us, and drawings I'd done of both of us.  I'd love to figure out how to save it, as a screen capture, I guess, but don't know how.  "Save page as webpage complete" (in Firefox) saves part of it, but not the special background. 

The invitation expires in 30 days, so I need to figure this out before then...anybody know how?

I also need to print out photos from the online Picasa album my godchild put up, for our computer-challenged family members like my sis and his parents (and sure, so I can carry some of the photos with me!)  It offers Shutterfly or Photoworks as printing options, has anyone used either of those?

Many thanks!


Kate, I don't know anything about online printing services but to do a screen capture - on a PC use the "print screen" key which then is saved to your clipboard. I use Photoshop, open a new file and paste your screen capture.

For Mac, I found these two options:


Hope that helps! :)
Thanks, Jen, got it! I had to do it in sections, of course, 'cause it looks like it just catches exactly what it sounds like, what's on screen at the moment, but it worked!
Ah - you have it! Yay! Just call me a semi-retired geek... ;-p
I appreciate the offer all the same!
By the way, Happy Birthday!
Well thank you! I have certainly got a lovely present THIS year!
On Windoze hit the PrntScrn key (copies whole screen to clipboard) and then paste into paint or photoshop then save.

On OSX hit Shift+Apple+3 to copy the whole screen (or Shift+Apple+4 and then drag-select an acrea to copy to the clipboard) and then paste into PS, etc.

You can also get a few programs to let you select areas of the screen to copy to the clipboard on both operating systems - I can think of Grab and Skitch on OSX (which I use)...

Alternatively, let me have access to the page and I will do it for you? ;-p
You're a doll! I think I've got it for my records, anyway...
I'd save the photos (right-click on PC) and then send the digital images to Walgreens or someone local for prints. I do that a lot when I'm snagging public domain photos for collage work or art references.

I haven't used any of the online photo printing services.
Kate, I use Snapfish for printing photos all the time, and love them. Easy, great quality, assuming you are looking for just photos (not like fine art reproduction) Snapfish.com. Can't wait to see the invitation!
Hi Donna...thanks! That's not one of the ones offered by Picasa, so I expect I'll just do the right click thing and work locally...

I don't think I'll be able to share the invitation...it took 5 screen shots to get it all! It was really just for my records...
I think that's what I'll do, thanks, Ais! I haven't used the online ones either, but my oldest friend has gone the Kodak online route and was quite happy. I wish Picasa offered more options...
I forgot to add - I use PhotoBox for my photo printing, but there may be somewhere closer to you as well...
Yes, thanks, Natalie, there is...
thank you for sharing those pictures--they are wonderful. i felt as though i was a participant, not just looking at photos. your special photographer captured the essence of the day, right down to the sunlight illuminating your boquet.

i love the touches that bring so much to the day--random angel for blessing, animals for peace, gorgeous day for happiness, babies for bliss. loved the "wedding ring" pattern quilts, too...right down to the "white dog"--perceived by some as a connection or blessing from lost loved ones. i so wish i could have been a part of it all--but this is sure a close substitute!

best of all is the happiness shining in both sets of eyes loooking at that camera!!!
Ann is just incredible--more than a godchild, a true friend. She knows us both and knows how to capture the essence that DOES make you feel as if you are there...I'm so glad!

You know, I hadn't even noticed it was a wedding ring quilt till you said that...you help me see the magic!