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September 2013



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FlowerKiss, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

This is one of my favorites of the wedding pictures...as soon as Ann has finished the album, I'll post the URL for those diehard wedding fans--the photos are just incredible. Ann (http://annbrownphotography.com) has a marvelous eye, and she found bits of magic everywhere.

Joseph wanted to get married as close to the Equinox as possible, and since I love celebrating Earth's seasons, grounding ourselves in the bounty and beauty that we are given, I was delighted...the man is just magic.  Deep magic, as C. S. Lewis put it...

And so it was, at the eve of the balance of light and darkness--the actual Equinox was sometime early the next morning. The light in this photo seems to bless us with its stained-glass presence...

When I saw the album last night, I cried...lovely, lovely, lovely. I still can't believe all that our friends and family did for us, and at such short notice, to create such magic...music, flowers, candlelight, wine, ale, a feast...even llamas! (Of course they live there...)

This past weekend was difficult indeed. I had to take him back to the airport last Monday, and being just a week later, a week after deep magic, I just couldn't settle to anything. I miss him...



Even your pictures look like paintings. So magical.
Best wishes, and a million fireflies. :-D

Re: Sigh.

They do, don't they! Ann's incredible...
Wonderful Just wonderful!! You both look so beautiful!!!!!
Thank you! So there to the Youth Culture! :-PPP
Thank you, sweet thing! It really was...
Looks like you had the perfect day. I'm glad it all went well, but I still wish I could have been there. : (

You both look very happy, congratulations! : )
Thank you, sweets! I really wish you could have too...those that couldn't be there were the only things missing. Guess that keeps us grounded, but you were MISSED.

And yes, we are, thank you!
beautiful photo!

i find it ironic he's the one wearing white.

Under the circumstances, me too... *wg*

He DOES have a lovely innocence, though...I've always loved that about him...
I'm so sorry you had to say "so long" for now, but this picture makes me want to *squee!!!* He's got SUCH an intense look on his face and you look SO FREAKIN' HAPPY :-) I'm glad you got these photos that capture all those emotions!
ME TOO, thank you, sweet! The album is just gorgeous...makes me cry, but it's gorgeous.
Oh, so sweet! You two!!
Life is GOOD...
Magic indeed.
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Magic indeed. <big smiles!> I just love looking at the photos.
Love the eye pendants you both wore, and such a beautiful bride and groom.
And Joseph had to leave for work? When does he get to come stay?
Take care, Dee
Hi Dee! Thank you...

Yes, he doesn't get to retire for another 10 months, thereabouts, so next July...meanwhile we have many visits and trips planned! It will seem a very long 10 months, but it will go quickly...

I hope!
Beautiful, beautiful.
Thank you very much! I just got a 5 x 7 to frame, of this one!


Thank you, my godchild is incredible good at capturing the moment!



Congratulations Cathy! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I wish you both much happiness. Cathie Holman

Re: Wedding

Thanks, Cathie, it was lovely! Jytte and Torben hosted it, and Susan did tons of work...