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September 2013



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Wedding picture...

Wedding picture..., originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...well, wow. What can I say...? I love this...what a glorious event, so very perfect for us. I can't thank our friends and family enough for making such deep magic possible...and my beloved, my dearest and closest friend, my husband.

He bought me this dress, a few years ago...I fell in love with it, but couldn't afford it--he got it from MaryAnn Harris, a sweet friend and wife of one of our favorite fantasy writers, Charles de Lint, so I always considered it my fey dress--how could I wear anything else?

My friend Susan, of Scandinavian Country in Excelsior Springs made our wreaths and made my bouquet of wildflowers and garden flowers--it was beautiful!--and her mother and dad, Jytte and Torben, volunteered their glorious country home for our wedding, and hosted the event.  Amazing!

Godchild Molly Hammer, she of the gorgeous voice, provided music, with her playing partner Ted Hoffman...it was just unbelievable.  No WONDER we danced so much!

My oldest friend, Roberta, organized the food, and it was such a repast--thanks to all those who brought goodies!  My sis and brother in law sent us a beautiful arrangement of flowers, which graced the buffet table.

My eldest godchild, Ann Brown of http://annbrownphotography.com took the photo, and did a marvelous job...

More to come...others were taking photos, too, so I hope we will see more, soon...

For now, here's this one, with my darling Birgitte... with Susan and Birgitte


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You all look totally happy together. What a wonderful blessing :)
We are, and it is! Thank you...
Thank you, sweetie...what a great wedding! Amazing what you can do in three weeks if your whole family and friends network pitches in! They REALLY made it special for us...
My thanks to your friends and family too, love - it was beautiful beyond anything I could have expected...

...kinda like marrying my best friend... *dls*
OUR friends and family, love...ours. And yes, it was, wasn't it? I thought I just wanted courthouse and judge, but I am SO glad and grateful for what we got, instead. Far more than I could have expected, either...

...and yes, I love being married to my best friend...


May the happiness in your eyes last forever.
Thank you, that's a wonderful wish...
Awww, look at that gorgeous couple! You both are radiating such love and joy! I DO believe in happy ever afters and I am certain you and Joseph have found yours by joining your lives together. It's just so damn beautiful! I wish you many many more healthy happy years together filled with every good thing!
Thank you--we were just giddy! Sharing it with my virtual family here is important, too, so know how much we appreciate your good wishes...
OMG! I did not know you were getting married!!! How wonderful. You're both glowing. Many, many MANY happy returns, my friend :-)
Mandy :-)
Thank you, sweet Mandy, your good wishes mean a lot! I often smile when I read your accounts of your sweet, supportive husband--Joseph is all that to me.

It WAS sort of a last-minute thing, given our schedules and the distance we live apart, having an actual wedding has been a challenge! *g*


so wonderful!!

Congratulations to both of you. It's wonderful to see pictures of this big event!!!! Your flowers look lovely.

Best wishes from Judy Bec in your watercolor class.

Re: so wonderful!!

Thank you so much, Judy! (And yes, the flowers were just stunning! I love wildflowers, SO much more meaningful for us than anything one can buy...Susan is just magic.)


Well, what can I say...You all look so happy and so gorgeous...Like a fairytale, a proper one not one of these modern 'bling' things where money and diamond size is supposed to make up for the basics such as love, friendship and unity.
I wish you so much!
Oh and that baby...What a beautiful little girl!
Anita Davies
Thank you, Anita--and I agree, marrying your best friend AND your knight is the way to go. And isn't Birgitte a doll? I spent an hour or so with her today, just can't take my eyes off her! She was so glad to see me she was just waving her arms and clapping her hands!
absolutely lovely! such beauty marking your day of days. thank you for sharing your joy with me! peace to you both always.
Joy is to BE shared, I think! It's like ripples in a pond...

Thank you...
>big smiles> Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your joy.
I'm glad you like them, I do too!
I love your bouquet. :)

You both look so happy!
Isn't it glorious!? I have one photo where the late afternoon light is falling just on the bouquet, and above it, in shadow, we are kissing...wow!


Best Wishes

Best wishes and much happiness to both of you. Thanks for sharing the happy event with your on-line friends. It would have been disappointing not to see the happy couple. Keep the photos coming....


Re: Best Wishes

Hi Shirley, and thank you! As soon as my godchild the marvelous photographer gets the album up, I'll share it...
Absolutely lovely! It's so nice to see two people so very much in love!

Also, I did a double-take when I read the name of Charles de Lint. He and MaryAnn have another "six degrees" connection... my friend Sukie has made dolls that they collect: http://www.wildartdolls.com/doll-artists/sukie-2005.htm
Lovely! I remember seeing Sukie's dolls...

And yes, the connections are spooky...I read Moonheart and just loved it, in part because bits reminded me of my relationship with my love. Charles puts his website in his books, and I went to see...we had SO much in common, but I hated to bother him...I noticed MaryAnn had a website too, and then discovered that she also sold on eBay, that they loved cats, and that they had a tiny cabin in the woods. So do I...so I wrote her.

Minutes later, she wrote back, and said "YOU!!! We have your books, and LOVE them!" We've written back and forth occasionally ever since...

It's a wee, tiny world...


Honesty and Truth Treads here Strongly


Steve Tripp here,

I enjoy looking at your artwork and the way it weaves your stories true.
Your heart surly shows its feelings with your creative flare there too.
To capture dreams unfolding, with loves pictures give them do.

Re: Honesty and Truth Treads here Strongly

Thank you, Steve...art and life really are one, for me...



So great to see pictures from your big day, you guys look wonderful! My best wishes to the both of you!
/nina j

Re: Congrats!

Thanks, Nina, it was just LOVELY...magical!
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